Jinno Sasake

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Jinno Sasake

Post by Jinno on Tue Oct 27, 2009 9:48 pm

Basic Information

Name: Jinno Sasake

Age: Appears 20 (real age 200)

Gender: male

Division: 11th Division

Seat: 5th


Personality: Jinno is a very Rash and hot headed kinda guy looking for any reason to prove he is the number 1 fighter ever.

(Depending on your rank, please distribute the amount of stats that you receive within the four options)





Zanpaktou Information

Zanpaktou Name: Inpaktou baton ~ impact baton

Zanpaktou Looks:

Zanpaktou Description: doubles force applied to it in an equal and opposite angle of impact. if a sword hits it it will bounce off and if it hits something the force is twice what a normal blunt object would be.

Released Zanpaktou Description: normally a handle when the release phrase is spoken it flicks open

Zanpaktou Release Phrase: Gachan ~ Slam

Released Zanpaktou Looks: picture up there ^

Zanpaktou Spirit:

Zanpaktou Realm: hell >.> or Oni world

Special ability: Pressure damage ~ User focuses energy into the baton the swings it down. the air in front of the baton is compressed from the recoil causing a getsuga tensho nature attack with high pressured wind. travels fast so user must have good speed and strength

History and RP Sample

As a human Jinno was your common every day scum bag who spent most of his life joining fight club after fight club trying to make something of his life. One day on his 20th birthday Jinno had gone to the bank to do whatever it is normal people do with money, as he approached the tellers window a man with a gun bolted inside the building and began to yell and fire his gun toward the roof, As the man began to take all the money he could get a hold of Jinno saw his moment to prove himself and become a hero or something like that. In a attempt to stop the bank robbery Jinno ran toward the mask man and tackled him though a wall, Just before Jinno could finish beating the living **** out of the man he was shot 3 times in the chest, as Jinno slowly began to die he grabed the mans gun and shot the robber in the head as they both fell to the floor dead in there own pools of blood.

The day Jinno appeared in the 79th district of the soul society is the day his history really begins, Being taken into the Shinigami academy at a young age Jinno quickly became a skilled swordsmen. As Jinno exceled in his sparing classes he continued to fail in any form of the kido arts, finally giving up on kido altogather Jinno left the academy and was later taken into the 11th divisions’ 5th seat. Jinno now apart of the Gotei 13 continued trying to find someway to make himself look good and prove himself to be the best fighter that ever lived.

RP Sample: Jinno stood outside in the 11th divistions' training area with his zanpakuto in his hand as a few other members continued there work outs as if Jinno wasn't even there, Holding his sword above his head Jinno let out a loud yell ALL OF YOU PUNKS GET YOUR SWORDS NOW!! who thinks they can beat me in a one on one?!" Jinno waited for someone to answer his call. a few short moments later a unknown man stood up and drew his blade and said "ok i guess ill just have to show you your place 5th seat brat!" as soon as the worlds left the mans mouth he had lept toward Jinno swinging his sword for his head, Jinno simply side steped dodgeing the mans attack. As the man began to fall forward Jinno took the sheath of his blade and smacked the man on top of the head and said "I have said this many times, I will become the number one fighter of the world and surpass god himself!" just as he finished Jinno swung his blade and left the man with a large cut across the mans chest as he walked away blood dripping from his sword.

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