Matsu [11th Division 5th Seat]

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Matsu [11th Division 5th Seat]

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Basic Information

Name: Matsu

Age: Appears: 17 Actual: 589

Gender: Male

Division: 11th Division

Seat: 5th Seat


Personality: As a human, Matsu was a kind and compassionate man who neve got into fights and always tried to solve his conflicts with his words. Over time, after he had been a Shinigami for a while, he started to become more and more vicious, soon coming to love the chaotic embraces of combat. Outside of combat, he was still that kind and compassionate man, but once the thralls of combat took hold of him, he became a completely different man. The blood-lust would take over and he would not stop fighting until his opponent lay dead at his feet. Over all others, Matsu hated the Espada more than any other creature, as they were the ones who killed his best friend. The only time he didn't go all out in combat was when he was training and he still managed to hurt his opponent.



Speed: 15

Accuracy: 5

Stamina: 20

Zanpakuto Information

Zanpakuto Name: Mujin Otome

Zanpakuto Looks:

Zanpakuto Description: It is a normal length katana with a red sheath along with a red handle. The sheath and handle are adorned with golden dragons that circle around it.

Released Zanpakuto Description: When he releases his Zanpaktou, nothing really changes but it's appearance. He does get a slight bonus to Strength(5) and a slight bonus to Speed(5).

Zanpakuto Release Phrase: "Embrace the chaos of battle, Mujin Otome!"

Released Zanpakuto Looks:

Zanpakuto Spirit:

Zanpakuto Realm:

Bankai Information
(This applies to captains, and advanced lieutenants only)

Bankai Description: (what happens when you use your bankai, and what abilities go with it)

Bankai Looks: (what your Zanpakuto looks like in Bankai state.)

Alterations: (What changes on your looks when Bankai is used, may not apply)

History and RP Sample

History: Human Life
Born into a rich family on the bank of a river, the young mans life began. On the day of his birth, the whole village below his father's mansion rejoiced, because an heir to the dynasty had been born. His father was a very happy man on that day, also rejoicing. All day, the town celebrated the young babies name. Still a little babe and yet he was already famous to the people of the village. As the night wore on, his father finally retired back to his quarters, reminding the village people that they could rejoice through the night as long as they didn't wake him, his wife or his newborn baby. The village promised they wouldn't and continued to rejoice until the next day, when the sun was rising. As the sun rose, his father rose from bed and name the babe; his name was Matsu.

Years passed by quickly for the father and his young son. They spent all their waking hours together, the father teaching his son about the world and the sun listening intently, taking in all the information like a sponge. He was only five years old and his father enjoyed taking the child through the village, where he could play with the other village children. As the boy played, his father would sit around and talk to the people of the village, quite unlike many other rulers would have done. After they played, his father would take him and a few other kids down to the river would they would enjoy an hour long swim without any worries. The adults would stand by, talking amongst themselves and keeping a watchful eye on the children. Over the next few years, the young boy would start to grow into a fine young man.

On his eighth birthday, his father started teaching him about philosophy and mathematics. He soon excelled at the two subjects and soon started learning caligrophy. He soon became bored with this subject too, finding it far too easy. He asked his father one day for something more challenging and his father talked to the mansion quater-master, who agreed to teach the young boy how to wield a blade. Soon afterwards, his lessons began and he soon learned something that was not too easy for him, but still not too hard. He had extrodinary balance and his hands moved like vipers when he struck, something that granted the quarter-master quite a few bruises. He was only ten years old when he started learning the ways of the blade.

Ten years went by and he soon became a blade master, even though he only fought for sport, never for the intent to kill. His father was proud of the man he had become, but he had accumulated many enemies. Two months after his twentieth birthday, his father was poisoned by one of his most loyal advisors. After this, Matsu became the ruler and the first thing he did was fight the man in one-on-one combat. He easily defeated the advisor and when the man dropped to his knees, he decapitated him. He regretted what he had done, but he had to live with it, so he did. A few years passed and he gained more and more loyal followers, all glad that he had become ruler. He loved being ruler, but he wished he hadn't become ruler the way he had.

On his twenty-ninth birthday, a group of bandits raided the village. They burned the whole place to the ground and then advanced on the mansion, where the guards held them off for three days. On the thirs day, the guards lost their lives and they stormed the mansion. Matsu stood up to them in the entrance hall, blade drawn. He battled them single handedly, taking twenty of the bastards with him before he was finally struck down by a blade swung by an amatuer. Over the next 100 or so years, things would get interesting.

Life after Death
He awoke not long after his death, looking down at his body. Men still swarmed around, moving deeper into the mansion to find any lone survivors. He slowly looked down at his body, which had been haked to pieces by the brutes. The sight sickened him, so he turned away, not wanting to look at it. He sat on the floor, watching everything happen with tears in his eyes. There was nothing he could do and he wanted to do something. He closed his eyes and prayed, wishing something or someone would come and take him away from this dreadful place. He didn't think he couldn't handle the depression much longer.

A sound came from somewhere to his left and he looked up, seeing a gate open up. A black butterfly fluttered past him and he reached out and touched it, marveling at it. The sound of footsteps announced the presence of another entity. He looked up and saw a man garbed in black robes with a katana at his waist. The man drew the blade and walked over to him, looking down at him slowly. He touched the hilt of his katana against Matsu's forehead and then everything went white. He awoke a few hours later on a long dirt road, with trees surrounding him. He frowned and wandered where the hell he had come.

He followed the road for days, wandering where the robed figure had sent him. On the fourth day, he came to a city. He met many people here and he soon learned it was called the Rukongai. He started working for a man who lived there, doing odd jobs to stay at the man's inn. He quickly acquired a blade and re learned how to use it, once again getting the prowess he had when he was a human.

One day, while walking down the long road, a group of Bandit's stopped him and asked him for his blade. He declined and they attacked him. As they were attacking, a voice spoke out to him. He looked around, trying to find where the voice came from and finally figured out that it was the blade. The blade took control from there, allowing him to easily destroy his opponents. Then the blade told him to release himself from the body he was in and come to it's den; it's spiritual realm. Matsu mediated for two days and nights before finally gaining entry into the cave in the middle of the jungle that Mujin Otome lived in.

Over the next few years, Matsu spent time in the spirit realm with Mujin Otome, learning everything he could. The spirit taught him everything and even taught him to use a Bankai. Over time, Matsu finally gained the skill to defeat his Zanpaktou's spirit. The spirit was proud when that day came and sent Matsu back into Rukongai. He was soon called forth by the Shinigami, who he had learned much about while living there, for his tremendous spiritual pressure. They took him in and trained him. He soon joined the Eleventh Division and started gaining ranks with his battle prowess. Over time, he became the Fifth seat, which is not a high rank, but he plans to get stronger.

RP Sample: The bright moon sat high in the sky to the east, behind Nonko's back. White sand flew up in little patches with every step he took, creating little dust clouds that trailed him. The wind was starting to pick up, meaning a storm wasn't far off. His white hair blew in the wind, making a small wave across the back of his head. On his hip hung his Zanpaktou, Ikazuchi Zetsumei. His hand rested uncaringly on it's hilt, his eyes scanning the horizon.

A dune rose up before him, cutting his line of sight off. The sound of his feet moving through the sand preceded him, letting anything that might be ahead know he was coming. He was hiding his spiratual pressure, that way he didn't draw any attention to himself. Around him were trees made of different types of stone, something that didn't appeal to Nonko. He missed the beautiful way the trees moved back in the World of the Living. It was over due for him to make another visit there, one of the reasons he needed a mission soon.

In the distance, he could see the beginning of a storm. Nonko sighed, it was going to be a bad one. He looked around, scanning the barren landscape for some where to take cover for a while. His eyes crossed over a cave off in the distance. He started off for it at a brisk walk, trying to make it there before the storm. The storm wouldn't harm him, but it annoyed him. Some Espada might not mind it, but not him.

A few minutes later he made it to the mouth of the cave. He walke in, taking off his shirt and laying down on the rock. The cool rock felt good against his sweating back, causing him to shudder with comfort. Soon he was asleep, drifting into uneasy dreams of the life he had before he died.

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Re: Matsu [11th Division 5th Seat]

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