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    Koujetsu Hanagayu [Obscura WIP]

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    Koujetsu Hanagayu [Obscura WIP]

    Post by Koujetsu Hanagayu on Fri Oct 23, 2009 12:21 pm

    Basic Information

    Name: Koujetsu Hanagayu


    Age: Physical: 18 Actual: 3956

    Gender: Male

    Level: Obscura General

    Without mercy. Some say Koujetsu is childish when it comes to fight because he laughs the entire time. This, despite popular belief, does not mean he is childish, but rather slightly crazy. The longer he stays in a fight, the more the the insanity and pressure of his inner hollow gets to him.

    Personality Normally a laid back person during the day, Koujetsu spends most of his time reading or taking walking in the forests that surround the human world. During training however, he brutally, and mercilessly, beats anyone into the ground. Cynical, sarcastic, and unforgiving describes him during the training. As the leader of the one of the most prestigous divisions, he expects nothing but the best from his squad. He does not, however, tolerate fighting to fight, like the Squad Eleven members.

    Away from the training field, he is easy going and calm, laughing with his friends, and getting to know them.
    However, his fighting style is without mercy. Some say Koujetsu is childish when it comes to fight because he laughs the entire time. This, despite popular belief, does not mean he is childish, but rather slightly crazy. The longer he stays in a fight, the more the the insanity and pressure of his inner hollow gets to him.

    Stat Points

    Stats under normal conditions

    Strength: 15

    Speed: 30
    Shikai: 40

    Dexterity: 30

    Stamina: 35


    Name: Yami



    Full Hollow: N/A in this form.

    Mask Durability: 9 posts, 4 post cooldown.


    Zanpakuto Name: Kamigami Arashi (Gods Storm)

    Zanpakuto Picture: Regular Zanpaktou

    Zanpakuto Description: N/A

    Zanpakuto Release Incantation: Release your fury, Kamigami Arashi

    Released Zanpakuto Description:

    Released Zanpakuto Picture:

    Zanpakuto Spirit: [img]

    Zanpakuto Realm:

    Bankai Name:

    Bankai Description:

    Bankai Looks:



    Name: White Lightning

    Type: Hadou

    Number: 4

    Element: Lightning

    Incantation: Byakurai

    Description: Fires a concentrated bolt of white lightning from the caster's forefinger.

    Name:Rods Prison of Light

    Number: 61


    Incantaion:th these rods, I shall restrain your body to level the hatred in your soul."

    Description:Summons six thin, but wide, beams of light that slam into a target's midsection, holding them in place.

    Name: Hurricanes Wrath

    Type: Hadou

    Number: 54

    Element: Wind

    Incantation: “Roar you heathen beasts! Drown in your despair as the right hand of Justice comes to sweep away your disgraceful enities. Hadou Number 54: Hurricanes Wrath!”

    Description: Summons a small hurricane around the user, who will be standing in the eye of the storm. All other opponents are buffeted with mach 2 winds and whatever random flying objects happen to be around at the time. During such time the caster is limited to the moving within the circumference of the eye of the storm.

    Name: Ember Spread

    Type: Hadou

    Number: 12

    Element: Fire

    Incantation: "Burn you dogs of Aries. May you find your brethern in the Pits of Hades. Hadou Number 12: Ember Spread!"

    Description: At the end of the incantation, small balls of fire are emitted from the casters hand, creating a shotgun effect and landing where ever they happen to. The fireballs stay burning for approximately 5 posts, causing harm to whoever comes to close to them, be it opponent or caster. The caster is slowly drained of reiatsu as long as the fire burns.

    Name: Blade Storm

    Type: Hadou

    Number: 49

    Element: Light

    Incantation: "Let there be light! Fall into your own sins, you dogs of Hades! Hadou Number 49: Blade Storm!"

    Description: At the end of the incantation, the user is surrounded by multiple blades, lasting 5 posts. At the end of each post, one blade shoots off in a different direction, regardless if ally or foe is in its path. The caster is limited to normal movements while this effect takes place, and is unable to unleash bankai.

    Name: Earth Shattering Tempest

    Type: Hadou

    Number: 91

    Element: Earth/Fire

    Incantation: "By the dredges of your mothers Milk, and your father seed, May you burn! Hadou Number 89: Earth Shattering Tempest!"

    Description: At the end of the incantation, the earth starts shaking and gives way to spurting jets of lava. The lava lasts 3 posts, and covers a wide area extending out from the caster, eventually creating a giant ring of lava around the caster. The caster is immobolized for one turn, and is depleted by 3/5 of their total reiatsu for using this technique.

    Name: Glory on High

    Type: Bakudo

    Number: 86

    Element: Ice

    Incantation: "Behold you heathen. May the light sear your minds and you feast upon your own breathern in the cold pits of Hades! Bakudo Number 86: Glory on High!"

    Description: At the end of the incantation an icy wind flies from the casters body, immobilizing the opponent with sub freezing temperatures. Lasts 5 turns. The caster can not use any more kido while this is in effect, and is severely depleted in reiatsu. The caster is also unable to unleash bankai or use shunpo.

    Name: Shiju no Saimon

    Type: (Bakudo-Binding

    Number: Unknown probably close to 90

    Element: Barrier

    Incantation: Brothers in arms, Never contemplating retreat. Blue bolt, White bolt, Black bolt, Red bolt. Sinking into the sea together to redeem themselves. (Effect 1)"Ryubi no Jomon" (armband shield) "Koko no Jomon" (wooden gear) "Kigai no Jomon" (honeycomb) "Hoyoku no Jomon" (Cross with wings) "Shiju no Saimon" (Wings close to form overhead halo)

    Description: user forms a wall of large wooden planks which form a wall in front of the user. once the wall is in place the user speaks the incantation. upon reaching the words Ryubi no jomon the wall is reinforced drastically with more Kido Planks forming a large shield the shape of the gotei thirteen armbands. the user continues speaking the incantation from here.

    for every 'Jomon' spoken another large object appears the shield being followed by the large wooden gear being followed by a huge honeycomb structure followed by a large cross shape with wings. after the user says the words 'Shiju no Saimon' the wings on the fourth object close in forming a large halo over the ensnared person.

    with the four objects in place a large cubic barrier forms around the ensnared person or hollow. which is inescapable save for an opening through the wooden gear only the user can open.

    Drawbacks: Long incantation and assembly ensure this is a hard spell to use on the quick. also is a two post Bakudo 1 for first wall and incantation and 2 for final assembly and barrier

    75. Quintet of 1 kan Iron Pillars (五柱鉄貫, gochūtekkan?) — Summons five incredibly tall and thick pillars to pin a target to the ground. "Walls of ironsand, a priestly pagoda, glowing ironclad fireflies. Standing upright, silent to the end."

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    Re: Koujetsu Hanagayu [Obscura WIP]

    Post by Koujetsu Hanagayu on Fri Oct 23, 2009 12:22 pm


    Koujetsu doesn’t remember a whole lot about his human life. Many years in the Soul Society, training, and conducting missions for the Captain Commander has washed away many of those memories. What he does remember however, fills him with grief when the topic is caught up. The memories of his beloved being eaten by a Hollow, his beloved coming back to kill him as a Hollow. His dearest sister being killed by a Hollow, but then being sent to Soul Society by the Shinigami who finally appeared. He kept holding on to that desire that he would meet her again some day, and kept on to that hope till the day he died.

    When Koujetsu finally entered Soul Society due to an explosion on a bus, he started searching, far and wide to find his sister, but to no avail. There were too many people, too many spirits for him to sift through. So he settled down in the 13th district, the poorest one, and started working to help others out. Rebuilding houses, and fixing up streets was one of the major things Koujetsu is remembered for in that district, and he sometimes goes out, secretly, to pay a visit to some dear old friends.

    One day, while traveling through districts, he came across an old man being bullied around by some younger kids. Not being one to stand for this, Koujetsu decided to help the old man out, and proceeded to teach the boys a few things about manners. The fight, though he did not know it at the time, had set off an alert with in Chamber 46, and soon the Shinigami were out, searching for him.

    It took months before Koujetsu was finally alerted to the Shinigami’s interest in him, and when he did, he walked right up to the gates, making himself visible for all to find. The Shinigami at the gate informed him that he was selected to be introduced for training at the Soul Academy immediately, and opened the gate to let him in.

    The next few years were a blur. Training at the academy, learning kido, getting assigned a squad, learning his shikai. All were meshed in to his brain so fast it seemed like one memory. He achieved Lieutenant after being with Squad Five for multiple years, and eventually grew to trust in his skills so much that he challenged the Squad Thirteen Captain, for the right of the Squad. Unkonwn to the current Captains, Koujetsu had finally achieved Bankai, and utilizing that, and his favorite kido; Hadou 87, Koujetsu achieved the title of Captain of Squad Thirteen.

    Many years down the road, many challenges later, Koujetsu finally established one of the best squads that Soul Society had ever known, along with being one of the oldest Captains in existence in the Soul Society.

    Vaizard Appearance:Koujetsu first came to realize his Vaizard powers during a solo mission in the human world. A close encounter with a Menos Grandes Cero had him fighting for his life, all due to trying to save a lone Quincy soul. As the Menos loomed over him, Koujetsu felt a despair unlike one he had ever known, and he blacked out. When he woke up, the Menos was gone, and the lone Quincy had been staring at him, a fearful expression on his face. Finally, after much coaxing, the Quincy told Koujetsu what had happened; the black aura, the mask, the utter destruction that followed.
    Koujetsu did not return to Soul Society that night. Instead he sat, pondering what had happened. About the time when the stars orbiting the Earth reached their zenith, Koujetsu finally made contact with his zanpaktou's spirit, Kamikaze.There he was introduced to the Hollow that resided with in him, who apty was named, Kamiyami, the Divine Darkness. A challenge was then issued, one that tested Koujetsu's very being. A deathmatch between the Hollow and himself. There was no room for error.

    For what seemed like hours Koujetsu fought against the Hollow. And for hours it seemed that he would lose. The Hollow knew everything, his moves, his bankai, his strengths, and his weaknesses. Every aspect of his being was judged.And it seemed that every aspect was found wanting. Yet he kept fighting, driven by an unknown urge to prove himself. The urge to fight and fight, to keep going even past his limits. He found his resolve.

    After a lifetime of fighting, or so it seemed to Koujetsu, the tables finally turned. Slowly, Koujetsu's resolve returned to him, and the fight slowly turned tables. At the end, the Hollow fell on his knees, his sword now held by Koujetsu, and impaled inside him.

    "I underestimated your resolve it seems. I will let you borrow my powers.. for now. But never forget. I will always be waiting for you to slip. And then, when you do, I will take control." And with that, the Hollow dematerialized.

    This was Koujetsus 896th year. He was 916 years old. For the next 620 years in Soul Society, he trained his abilities in private to the extreme. But, instead of running from Soul Society in fear of being hunted, Koujetsu remained there, in hiding, until the next Shinigami exhibited those powers. Then he would be there to help.

    RP Example


    -|One week prior to|-
    Leon wiped his brow free of sweat and ice chips as he stood on the top of Mt. Kanchenjunga, the third highest mountain in the world. Taking out a pen and a small notebook from the pocket of his parka, Leon took note of the date and time of the completed exploration. As he started to pack up the remainders of his camp, he took note of a figure approaching him from the eastern side of the peak.

    Leon stood up and walked to meet the stranger. There wasn't supposed to be any more climbers for the next few weeks, due to the upcoming snow storms, which would make this trek difficult, if not impossible.

    "Dr. Tavolin?" the stranger asked, holding out a badge.

    "FBI. We need for you to come with us immediately. The President has an urgent matter of world security that your expertise is required for. If you will come with me, we will provide transportation directly to the White House."

    The now identified FBI agent walked towards the middle of the peak, from which there now could be heard a loud whriling noise, a noise that one would expect from a helicopter. Leon took one look at his camp, and then followed the agent.

    -|Two days ago|-

    Leon looked at the agent in front of him, flabbergasted, a copy of the propechy held loosely in his hand.

    "T..this is actually happening?" Leon asked. The agent just nodded.

    "And you want me to be a navigator for this group you've put together?" The agent just nodded again.

    "If you accept, be at the room on this piece of paper at this time and date. Otherwise the goverment will pay for your departure," the agent said, and left the said piece of paper on the table in front of Leon, departing the room quietly.

    Leon sat in the room long after the sun went down staring at the small piece of paper.

    -|Present Day|-

    Leon looked up from the chair he was sitting in, taking in detail Leslie's face, body, and any possible marking to identify her by later.

    "Ah, the Amazon. B..beautiful place, very dangerous too. Um.. If I may say so.. it w..would be best to start off near the eastern part of the Amazon. It will be safer, and easier to get to," Leon stamered, standing up and walking over to the table where Gregory had placed the book with the prophecy.

    Leon stood 6'0", bald, and muscular, attributed to constant hiking he had done in his years. He wore a pair of khakis, a white t-shirt, and a white, unkempt dress shirt, covered by a tan suit jacket and a very unkept, but still tied, red tie. A safari hat hung on his back, and his belt was filled with bottles and ointments, along with other randomly assorted objects. A small nine millimeter pistol was strapped to his side, along with what seemed to be a blowgun and some darts. On the other side, a sharpened machete hung from his waist. He looked up at the group left in the room.

    "Oh my apologies good people. I am D..Doctor Tavolin. I believe I was chosen b..because of my extrodinary treks across the world," Leon said, not looking up from the book that contained the prophecy. He stood next to the fireplace, allowing the red glow to illuminate him.

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    Re: Koujetsu Hanagayu [Obscura WIP]

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