Ethan Favorite Technique/Kidos

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Ethan Favorite Technique/Kidos

Post by Cassus on Thu Aug 27, 2009 2:07 pm

[b]Technique's name: Anki

User of the Technique: Ethan Douglas

Technique Learners: Any shinigami who a)trains IC under Ethan and b) already has the ability to suppress incantations for Kido up to the 85th level.

Creator/ Master: The highest form of the technique, Anki, is self-developed. The lower levels he learned the way everyone else does.

Skill Level Technique: Master

Level of Technique Rank: This is simply a technique for using any kido the shinigami has mastered-- Anki.

Description: All shinigami learn to use kido through their natural incantations. This produces the full power of the spell. Those experienced in the use of kido can perform kido Eishohaki, without their spirit chants, though this severely weakens the spell (and for weak or even moderately skilled users, the kido may fail outright). Ethan's technique moves to the next level, performing kido Anki, or solely by memory.
Simply put, the kido is performed instantly, though it is weakened even more dramatically than with Eishohaki.

There is no actual "invocation" in a spirit chant used for kido-- no otherworldly power is called. The chant is a device to focus the user's spiritual pressure to achieve a desired effect. This first form would be the "Beginner" level of the technique, a level that most shinigami master before they even possess true Zanpakutos.
Realizing this, experienced shinigami often learn to evoke their power using only the technique's name and number, a set phrase which they've strongly associated with the appropriate form for their spiritual pressure over time. Eishohaki would be the "advanced" level of the technique, one that by its very nature each shinigami must train individually over an extended period of time to develop.

Ethan has developed an even higher level of the technique. In part because he uses dozens of kido in a single battle, and in part because of the intensive research into reiatsu structures that lead to his development of an entirely new kido element, he learned to form his reiatsu into an appropriate structure without employing the association of a chant, abbreviated or otherwise. The amount of reiatsu that can be so controlled is significantly less than what is usable with a proper structure. This is Anki, the complete memorization of a kido.

Name: Held Ring

Type: Bakudo-Binding

Number: 32

Element: Metal

Incantation: Encircle the soul with your heartless clasp. Stop, Ring!

Description: This kido forms a single ring aroud some part of a target's body. The ring is fixed in relative space (i.e. relative to the motion of the appropriate planetary body) but does not otherwise impede movement, the reason for its low number. The ring itself, however, is extremely strong and difficult to escape. While this technique is generally used to restrain prisioners, it can also be used for things like catching a Gegai that's falling off a cliff.

Name: Temporal Seal

Type: Bakudo-Binding

Number: 80

Element: Black

Incantation: Halt the stream of existence with your all-encompassing hands and turn the line upon itself. Namtar, seal!

Description: This kido is a complicated technique that halts time itself in a 7' sphere, albeit only temporarily. Nothing can move in or out of the affected area.

Name: Black Pit

Type: Hadou-Destruction

Number: 89 at its fullest

Element: Black

Incantation: The seven bridges to paradise tremble as the master of reality casts ruin from his demesne. Let the seventeen virtues of a flawless dream defend the holy from the wrath to be, and let the nine pagodas encircle the unliving to guide its demise. Destroy, Mikazukanoyaiba!

Description: This kido has no effect on physical matter. Instead, it releases a "negative pulse" which is a vacuum on a spiritual level, drawing massive amounts of nearby Reiatsu into it. The only reason such a technique is permitted to Shinigami is because once the pulse stabilizes, a Shinigami can redeem everything that's been drawn in with a single precise attack. The window of opportunity before utter destruction is small, though, meaning that only high-ranking (read: Hadou specialist Vice Captain or higher) shinigami are permitted to attempt it.

Name: Lance

Type: Hadou-Destruction

Number: 13

Element: Wind

Incantation: A puff of dragon's breath from the mountains, a touch, and the way is clear. Be my lance!

Description: This kido releases a "piercing force." While useless on its own, this force accelerates the first thing it hits to gale-force speeds, the kind of speeds that can drive a straw through a wall. It's an unpleasant experience to have a portion of one's mask driven through one's head. Fairly incapacitating, in fact.

Name: Assembly

Type: Bakudo-Binding

Number: 18

Element: Black

Incantation: Let all be unified by the subtle touch of heaven. Draw into yourself the brilliant shadow!

Description: This kido creates a localized resonance among different forms of Reiryoku and Reiatsu, allowing them to merge.

Name: Inmetsu no Jikuu

Type: Hadou

Number: 21 (but see the Incantation)

Element: Darkness

Incantation: This Hadou invented by Ethan is always used with the incantation repressed. Those with enough Reiatsu to use it to its fullest know better; those who don't, can't. Most don't even know the incantation-- the only time it was ever spoken aloud was when Ethan first developed the technique. The technique is as draining as level 90 Hadou when the incantation is used. Both forms of the technique are as difficult to master as a level 90 Hadou.

Description: All doomsaying aside, Inmetsu no Jikuu is a fairly versatile technique in its weakened state. It simply destroys the distance between two points for a split second, causing an object to pass instantly between them.
When the incantation is used, the distance between many points is destroyed for a split second. That form of the technique isn't forbidden, but each individual use must be cleared in advance, and any use of it on Earth is completely forbidden. Additionally, the incantation is not written down anywhere, and the Captain who developed it keeps the knowledge tightly controlled.
It is an interesting fact that this technique cannot destroy distances within a human soul's discrete reiatsu (hereafter referredto as "body"). Attempting to do so makes the tehcnique so draining as to render the user almost instantly unconsicous. It is suspected that if the reason for this could be discovered Seireitei understanding of the precise nature of souls would be greatly enhanced.


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Re: Ethan Favorite Technique/Kidos

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