Ace and Sith Favorite Kidos

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Ace and Sith Favorite Kidos

Post by Ace on Thu Aug 27, 2009 1:07 pm

Name: Forbidden Soul Transfer of Final Life

Type: Bakudo

Number: 100

Element: n/a

Incantation: An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, my life for yours i bind you. You than cut your hand and use your blood to draw a circle over the ally's forehead, heart, and Zanpakuto. You than give them the kiss of life.

Description: This is a self sacrifice for a fallen ally. Upon the death of an ally you give the fallen warrior your soul and your Zanpakuto's soul. Both you and your Zanpakuto life will be thrown into hell for your ally. This is the real deal, there's no take backs, this forbidden kido is only supposed to be used in times of desperation. This is a last resort kido. Hint: If you are the one who died, you are stripped of this kido, meaning if you are given another chance at life, you can not give that second chance to no one, not even the person who gave it to you. [ooc:the reason you can't ever obtain this kido after you die, because it would seem stupid for you to come back to life only to give it away again.]

(This kido is limited to the seated chairs of the 13 Divisions.)

I would like to donate this Kido to the Site for others to use.

Name: Sleeping Puppet

Type: Bakudo

Number: 50

Element: N/a

Incantation: It is a hand sign along with the word suimin

Description: The user has to draw his opponent's attention to his finger to put them into this hypnosis phase. Nothing appears to have changed in the phase but the target is motionless in reality for 2 posts unless they realise that they've been hypnotize. Than they can break it with a 20 style healing kido of there own, or pain from an outside force such as being stabbed or hit, this give him the ability to anything to the body for this short amount of time. I picked 50 because it works on everyone beside hollows, and Vizards.

Sample:Slowly Light returned his Zanpakuto to it's normal form. He can't believe how easy it was to trap the young court guard in this kido. Light though back on how easily he had gotten close to the guard. How he put his hand in his face. This had to be the quickest fight yet. Light didn't feel like doing anything special to win the fight, so he slapped him a cross the head with the sheet of his sword. The guard quickly fell to the ground grabbing his head from pain. The young guard was still slightly confused about everything and still looked a little space. "This is the last time I train anyone for a favor to a friend!... Not first position newbie it looks like we're in for a long day of hard work!"

Name: Trails End

Type: Binding


Element: n/a

Incantation: hyoushi kido 31

Description: After saying the necessary incantation, a long string of spiritual energy come forth linking the waist of the target (s) and the user. The paths of spiritual energy does not harm, stun or have any effect except for helping the user follow an escaping or hiding target due to the spiritual string. The path of spiritual string follows the movement of both the user and the target but if the target manages to get far enough from the user (400 feet), the string pops and the link is broken. This is main used when transporting criminals who have a history of trying to escape. I picked 31 because it is very affective when chasing someone who likes to run.

Sample:At first Light was reluctant to link his body to the criminal, but one look at this track record for escapes attempted and successful getaways, Light knew it would be necessary. He quickly linked his body to the ex-court guard than retained his arms with rope. He grabbed him by both arm and began pushing him towards the bridge were most of his escape had been attempted. Light whispered in the ex-guards ear, "If you attempt to escape...See this string." Light used his free hand to lift it up to eye level. "I will find you and cut off your foot. This string is impossible to break unless you get far away from me...But there's no way in hell you're going to out run me unless pigs fly out my..." Light called the other escort guard mind your manners...This is a very important missionLight nodded his head and whispered one last time to the criminal, "No way in hell you can out run me!"

Name: 1000 Snow Blossoms

Type: Hadou-Destruction

Number: 65

Element: Lightening

Incantation: Snow White Cherry Blossoms, with both hands in a heart position

Description: After saying the incantation a circle of Lightening made of your spiritual energy forms in middle of your hands. Than it expands from into a ball roughly 6 diameters wide before bursting into blossom size pedals falling from the sky like snow. Upon repeating the incantation they shoot thru your opponent(s) at blinding speeds. Usually there will be an out line of your opponent(s) and the remaining pedals that miss before they dissolve into nothing. I picked 65 because it does not guarantee a win against stronger opponents like captains, lieutenants, Vizards, and etc.

Sample:Two minutes in the fight and Light was already bored with Hollow. Light decide it would be best to end this match now before anyone caught a glance at his real power. Light quickly spoke "Snow White Cherry Blossoms!" A circle of his spiritual energy formed in his hand and began to spark like lightening. Soon it became bigger than Light hands could hold and he released it. It got a little bigger than burst into pedals that seemed to rain down on Light in a graceful movement. The hollow almost seemed hypnotize by the falling pedal snow. Light spoke the incantation slowly one last time before the pedals of lightening ripped thru the hollow. Light moved slight towards the left and admired his handwork that slowly traced behind the hollow. Slowly the hollow began to fall to the ground as it slowly dissolved into nothing along with the rest of the pedals of lightening. Light slowly turned his back to the dieing hollow and began his journey back home

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