Kyuushi Shuuhei [WIP]

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Kyuushi Shuuhei [WIP]

Post by DewBunny on Sat Aug 01, 2009 1:04 am

Basic Information

Name: Shuuhei, Kyuushi

Age: 23, 863

Gender: Female

Division: None

Seat: None

Looks: Kyuushi is a relatively young looking kid with Eight dots on her back surrounding her tattoo marking her zanpaktou spirit. she wears a tight outfit to allow speed and accuracy. she has blue eyes and a normal face with two scars on her shoulder blades. she has one tattoo on her lower back of a butterfly with the kanji for Kamikaze Kochou

Personality Kyuushi is a maniacal person with a sadistic nature. she enjoys toying with people a lot and could sometimes be confused for a villain when she goes on the offense. in reality she is afraid of herself power but tries to hide that fact by acting tough

(Depending on your rank, please distribute the amount of stats that you receive within the four options)
Shikai: 40
Bankai: 45
Mask: +0
Resurrecion: 50

Speed: 40
Shikai: 45
Bankai: 50
Mask: +10
Resurrecion: 65

Dexterity: 50
Shikai: 55
Bankai: 60
Mask: +0
Resurrecion: 60

Stamina: 50
Shikai: 50
Bankai: 50
Mask: +0
Resurrecion: 55

Mask Information

Name: Kuro Kitsune (Lit "Black Fox")

Manifestation: her hollow resembles her as she would be drawn in a manga

Unique Ability: Indenkikai (Lit "Negative release") Indenkikai is a low level release and merge of Kyuushi's hollow and Vaizard powers similar to a low level Resurreccion.

Hollow Mask Appearance: (will draw soon)

Duration: 9 posts 4 cooldown

Zanpaktou Information

Zanpaktou Name: Shiro Kitsune (Lit "White Fox")

Zanpaktou Looks: Shiro takes a normal Katana shape when sealed with a white wrapped handle and a fox head shaped handguard


Zanpaktou Description: Shiro's powers revolve around a sensory Illusion. This can be as simple as a misconception that Kyuushi is actually in one place to as complicated as the body believing it's restrained when it's not. When all else fails Shiro's powers revert to white fire manipulation.

Released Zanpaktou Description: Shiro's powers revolve around a sensory Illusion. This can be as simple as a misconception that Kyuushi is actually in one place to as complicated as the body believing it's restrained when it's not. When all else fails Shiro's powers revert to white fire manipulation.

The illusions are so vivid the ensnared enemy often is unable to tell they are caught until Kyuushi begins to alter things. The main power of Kyuushi's illusions are the ability to make the body feel everything she wills even if it hasn't happened. In an illusion she can slice open her enemy's chest and they will see the blood, feel the cut, and feel the pain after the illusion drops as though the attack actually happened when in fact it didn't. If she removes a limb the target loses feeling in that limb coupled with a slight shock. when the illusion ends the target will experience a tingling as if that limb had fallen asleep but will be no more damaged than when they went into the illusion.

In Short the illusions do nothing more than give the target/s phantom pains that last of one post before subsiding. Kyuushi can not kill some one within an illusion or it breaks with no effects. This makes her favorite quote; "You'd be amazed what you can live through." Shikai can stay active a max of 15 posts with 3 cooldown

TO ENACT AN ILLUSION Kyuushi's Zanpaktou must physically TOUCH it's intended target. Each Illusion costs -1 Stamina for every post in effect.

Coupled with this is a passive ability to freely manipulate white fire, this flame is hotter than regular fire (1,400 °C) and is capable of burning Kyuushi if she manipulates it near her for too long. for this reason most of her fire manipulations are slicing/slashing attacks which fling the fire away from her before it is capable of causing damage. the cost for manipulating this flame is -1 every three posts it's fire is used.

Zanpaktou Release Phrase: Toukai Genjitsu (Lit "Collapse Reality")

Released Zanpaktou Looks: Shiro takes the form of a white staff ranging in length between 2 to 6 feet tip to tip at user's preference.

Zanpaktou Spirit: Shiro is a White Kitsune with five tails. during the illusions Shiro will often materialize and fight.

Zanpaktou Realm: a large black forest under a midnight full moon

Bankai Information Kuro Kitsune no Kyuubi
(This applies to captains, and advanced lieutenants only)

Bankai Description: Kuro kitsune no Kyuubi (Lit "Nine Tails of the Black Fox") Kuro takes the complete opposite of Shiro's Illusionary nature for the ability to control gravity and friction. This friction ability allows Kyuushi to charge Static electricity by grinding the air against itself. this causes dust and fine particulate in the air to become supercharged. this particulate is then brouhgt together and stabbed with Kyuushi's Staff causing a sudden directed discharge of electrical energy. This energy is exactly like Lightning only striking the nearest condutive material. The drawbacks here are that this takes two posts to enact, one to charge in which the particulate follows Kyuushi allowing her to be able to defend and dodge, and the next to bring it together and discharge. the actual discharge is quick but requires Kyuushi to stay in one spot for roughly three seconds while the dust in the air gathers for discharging. -1 stamina per discharge

The other ability of Kuro is a manipulation of the pull of gravity. this is complex in that Kyuushi can shift the center of gravity within the bankai without affecting things outside of her bankai. (See looks description) Kyuushi can also increase and decrease the pull of gravity. the drawbacks here are that the gravity affects Kyuushi the same way so quadrupling gravity's pull is not a smart move as it will crush her under her own weight.

Bankai Looks: Kuro takes the form of a large black sphere roughly two hundred feet wide from farthest side to farthest side. The sphere is indestructible no letting anything (with the exception of Air and Light) in or anyone out until it is released.

Alterations: Kyuushi's appearance changes as she receives nine bushy black tails formed out of pure reishi, this disappate one at a time during the bankai (one per post) to signify how long her bankai can stay in effect (nine posts max)

Indenkikai Information

Zanpaktou Name: Haiiro Kitsune (Lit "Grey Fox")

Zanpaktou Looks: None applicable with this release

Zanpaktou Description: Haiiro is a combination of Kyuushi's powers

Released Zanpaktou Description: Haiiro's main ability is on par with a connection of her bankai and her Shikai. Able to maintain the abilities of both Kyuushi gains the ability to manipulate both Flame and Lightning on respective sides of the staff. (Black side, White flame| White side, Lightning) To top this she gains much more realistic Illusions projected onto the walls of her Bankai. These Illusions are simple landscapes but coupled with her ability to shift the pull of gravity she can fool the body into believing it is moving when it is not. this can also be used to project images of enemies who aren't there around the sphere. This is called her ultimate illusion because it can project anything and make some one believe it it there (think 3-D effects. Coupled with all of this Her Zanpaktou and Hollow spirits materialize in the Bankai.

These Materializations are made of white fire (Shiro) and Black lightning (Kuro) Each have half the stats of Kyuushi.

Individual stats for, Strength Speed Dexterity Stamina
Shiro 15 5 10 10
Kuro 51510 10

Shiro and Kuro can freely manipulate their respective elements at a cost of 1 stamina point per post making them viable for only 10 posts. Kuro has the ability to shoot level thirty lightning Kidou while Shiro has the ability to manipulate level thirty white fire. These two remain independent of Kyuushi and her stats while on the playing field. they can be over powered and are mainly nuisances. To defeat one of these Spawns requires any attack above a level thirty kidou.

While easily dispensed these Materializations have the ability to be respawned after one post cool down at a cost of -1 stamina to Kyuushi per respawn/spawn.

Contrary to her Shikai Illusions Indenkikai allows Kyuusi to enact an illusion in multiple ways aside from physical touch. this first is a whirring sound given off by Kuro. this (if heard in an unsheltered manner) can cause the target's balance to falter as the vibrations target the cochlea causing the sensory tendrils to vibrate to the point of Vertigo. (Lasts one posts cooldown 2 posts)

The second is through touch. Shiro can enact illusions by physically touching the target. this forces his reiatsu into the target connecting the target to Kyuushi's reishi. from here she can use this to manipulate the target's sense of touch and nociceptors. Kyuushi can then control the targets sense of pain and pleasure. Usually Kyuushi will use both in tandem making the target's body radiate in pleasure then writhe in pain. This illusion is easily broken. (lasts 1 post cooldown 2 posts)

Zanpaktou Release Phrase: (what you say when you release your Zanpaktou)

Released Zanpaktou Looks:

Zanpaktou Spirit: Shiro and Kuro

Zanpaktou Realm: Midnight moonlit forest

Resurrecion Information

Name: Adoquín Ingreso el Kuro Kitsune no Kyuubi (lit "A fool snaps the nine tails of the black fox")

Represent: Rabid fox

Family: Space/matter/light manipulation

Looks: Kyuushi's form appears the same in an outward appearance but physically her body changes to more closely match her fox katana. (Anthro fox) In addition to this Kyuushi's stats become refilled while her resurreccion is in place (when resurreccion is released stats drop back to previous levels from before her release. Since resurreccion can only be used once this is purely to allow her to be able to fight by the time she needs to use res)


Name: Verdad del Mundo (Reality of the world)

Description: this is Kyuushi's greatest 'illusion' her bankai sphere becomes a large cube taking the space of roughly one hundred meters cubed (100x100x100) the walls become temporal distortions that connect opposing walls. (top to bottom, side to side) these connections allow kyuushi to make the cube seem to go on forever as when one attempts to pass through the wall one ends going in the same direction with the same momentum but coming into the cube on the other side. the same applies for outside the cube, if one attempts to pass into the cube one ends up on the other side.

Inside of this cube Kyuushi gains the ability to manipulate and create all types of matter in solid and liquid forms (walls puddles fires) in a free form illusion designed to trap the target in what ever world she desires. this also includes a basic illusion over herself which passively allows her to take any form (within reason) that she wants (purely aesthetic no stamina drain considering all she does is look like something.)
Kyuushi can also cause illusions to leave a residual pain even if no damage is done in reality.

Overall the Cube is Draining as it drains -2 stamina per post for the duration of her Res

Name: Zorro Fuego (Fox Fire)

Description: Fox fire is her only means of damaging an opponent in the cube. Using Shiro's flames she will free manipulate this (with hand motions etc) in attempts to hit and hurt her opponent. She can freely manipulate this fire (within reason) to attack with the drawback that the flames can still burn her. Drains -1 stamina per post level 50 fire kidou level (Can only be Manipulated by Kyuushi)

Name: Vacío Esfera (Void Sphere)

Description: Considered to be her strongest technique Void sphere bases itself on the creation of solid reishi weapons. This can be ranged from a sword and shield to something as overly complex as a gun. (generally there won't be a gun but i need an example of something with moving parts aside from a crossbow.) this manipulation is limited to small scale creations (anything that can be held) as such she cannot create clones of herself or something like someone else's zanpaktou This technique drains -1 stamina per post and is based soley on solid defense and attacks making this incapable of destroying Kidou. These are also weak to Zanpaktous in general due to being a lower level of spirit energy based weaponry. (Absorb-able by quincy)

Resurreccion Stats
(Mask plus 10)

Strength: 50

Speed: 65

Dexterity: 60

Stamina: 65

History and RP sample

History: Kyuushi lived a normal life with the exception of a unique gift. she could sense spirits and see hollows as a child and maintained that power through her life. when she was ten her parents were killed in an accident with he. she was left to roam the earth as a spirit until her soul chain eroded away and before the transformation to hollow could be completed she had soul burial preformed by the sector Shinigami.

Her life in Rokungai was miserable as always. she became a petty thief and a trouble maker eventually meeting her best friend. the duo did everything together though strange things were happening to Kyuushi as she slept. each night she would toss and turn as a pure white mask formed over her face. Each morning this happened she awoke holding the mask. no matter how often or how much she had destroyed it it was always there and worse intact morning after morning.

One day a passing shinigami noticed her and her friend stealing food and chased after them. after a few hours of explanation the shinigami explained that their hunger meant they had spirit power and that they should become shinigamis themselves. Kyuushi wanted to ask but before she could the shinigami left leaving her masked question unanswered as well as her very confused. Years later they became enrolled in the Shinigami Academy and a year after that they graduated the top of their class.

Kyuushi received an unseated officer's position in the 13th squad while her friend received a seated position in the 10th squad. after a while and a lot of climbing through the ranks Kyuushi managed to get a seated position as the tenth seat officer of Squad 13. Kyuushi received notice that her friend had been killed in the line of duty. determined to still outperform her Kyuushi ascended the ranks to fifth seat twice succeeding her predecessors by their death and three times through promotions.

Kyuushi began secretly training for bankai with an artifact she acquired in a hidden cave below the execution grounds. upon stabbing this artifact with her zanpaktou, by accident of course, it reformed into her Zanpaktou spirit. she trained for four days with this spirit and achieved Bankai at the end of the fifth. She kept this achievement a secret not wanting more responsibility than she could handle at the time.

RP Sample: Shadow looked up at dark with a less than enthusiastic face plastered across his visage. "Are you real?" he asked not caring for the response. He had hallucinations before why should this one be any difference. "If you are real you will forgive me for not believing you. The last real person I saw was a miserable excuse for a man and I suspect in such a place you would be no different." Shadow said beginning to break out in a cold sweat.

With his eyes beginning to roll back into his head his life began flashing before his eyes. "I think if you will indulge me, I will tell you of my life." he said closing his eyes and activating his Mangekyou Sharingan. "Tsukyomi." he muttered catching dark's gaze and initiating the genjutsu. "My tale begins as a child." he said trailing off as the scenery flashed.

A scene flashed in front of them to a building with two children sitting on the floor playing. A women walked in and grabbed them by their arms and pulled them away saying "You cannot be here right now." As the scene flashed it revealed Shadow on his own witnessing his uncle stab his father through the back with his sword. "My father . . . was murdered by his brother in the Uchiha tradition . . ." Shadow's ethereal voice drifted in pre-echoing itself as the scenery flickered again.

The scenery shifted leaving Dark in Konoha with Zetsumei in a room underground. Zetsumei turned to two young men each with their own Mangekyou Sharingan gleaming in their eyes. As he explained everything to the young men Shadow himself looked over and caught Dark's sight and stood up leaving a mirage of himself behind his stead. Walking over to Dark he looked him deeply in the eyes noticing something. "Rin`negan user . . . " he muttered as the scenery shifted once more.

This time the scene was outside and two men deeply engaged in combat with each other. Shadow and his brother were going at it ferociously. "You know nothing of my pain do you? You who were born with the power of a god and stand alone. The Almighty Pein." he continued sounding incredulous and frustrated. As he chastised Dark his battle continued to it's climax. Shadow had his brother pinned to the ground before pulling a jar out. "My pain," he said in a quiet voice clenching his fists so tightly his knuckles began to turn white "was killing my brother for power. Killing him for his eyes . . . then plucking them from his head with my bare hands." he explained his voice cracking as he spoke.

The scenery flipped again revealing an operating table. As the scene played out Shadow walked in and laid down on the table. Zetsumei walked in shortly thereafter with jar in hand. Setting it down he pulled a scalp out and murmured something indistinctly. He waited for Shadow to nod before he began cutting into the area around Shadow's very much awake face. Screaming in pain the procedure continued with Shadow standing next to Zetsumei and watching his every move. "The pain was outweighed by the promise of power but such is life." he said leaning over dark's shoulder.

The scenery faded to a few weeks later with Shadow still on that table with bandages over his eyes. Zetsumei walked in and removed the bandages and Shadow blinked painfully in the blinding light. His eyes seeming to glow blood red with both his and his brothers Mangekyou Sharingan patterns gleaming on their surface. A few weeks later in the vision Shadow was being chased from his village. With only the clothes he had on currently on his back and a small sack of food he stumbled away from the village.

"Now you know my story. Let us review you shall we." he said calmly as the scenery changed once more to reveal Konoha years ago. The village seemed peaceful from the ground level but from above it was plain to see it was in chaos. "Your doing, or should I say your predecessor's doing." he said pointing down at the village. as he spoke a single figure leapt up above the village ten feet in front of them. It was Pein's Deva path Yahiko. Yahiko strained for a few seconds before releasing an enormous amount of chakra. As it hit the village the ground bubbled away from Yahiko and it spread to within a hundred feet from the village's outer wall.

"Your only redeeming characteristic is that you house both good and evil within you. You who have the power to control, life and death, push and pull, you are the one deciding factor in the world." the scenery below flashed and a giant figure rose from the center of the village. Once it reached full height it's mouth opened releasing hundreds of souls back to their bodies. With his energy nearing its limit the scene flickered back to the present situation.

Releasing Dark from the technique he spoke once more, "You may do with me as you like. I can be a strong Ally or in your case a strong path." he said whole heartedly expecting to be put out of his misery. Glancing up he saw the malice building in Dark's eyes. Finally release would be given to his wretched existence, or so he thought.

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Re: Kyuushi Shuuhei [WIP]

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Re: Kyuushi Shuuhei [WIP]

Post by Lee on Sat Jan 16, 2010 2:59 pm

Description: When in place this technique allows Kyuushi not to rewind time but slow it down and speed it up in localized places. This can be used to speed a wound to healing (high speed regeneration) or slowing the area around her down. this slowing down is esentially a speeding up of the firing of nuerons in Kyuushi's brain enabling her to think faster but not necessarily react faster. the one exception to this is Kidou which is unaffected by this either speeding or slowing. It lasts for three posts with one cooldown

I thought you said you'd get rid of this?

This is one of those powers that if you're gonna have, it should be the only power that you have. Basically, it means that 3/4's of a battle in slow motion. Even if you did fix the cooldown and post count, it would still be overpowered to have this along with various other techniques that are also sort of iffy.

For example:
The other ability of Kuro is a manipulation of the pull of gravity. this is complex in that Kyuushi can shift the center of gravity within the bankai without affecting things outside of her bankai. (See looks description) Kyuushi can also increase and decrease the pull of gravity. the drawbacks here are that the gravity affects Kyuushi the same way so quadrupling gravity's pull is not a smart move as it will crush her under her own weight.
(And the white fire).

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Re: Kyuushi Shuuhei [WIP]

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Lee as it stands i am redoing the zanpaktou and mask abilities and have not yet gotten around to updating this also the zanpaktou has had to be modified since i moved it here so there are descrepencies that will be fixed when i fully update the character until then please do not post on here again


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Re: Kyuushi Shuuhei [WIP]

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