Bakudo: Horror Suppression

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Bakudo: Horror Suppression

Post by Guest on Mon Jun 01, 2009 5:18 pm

Name: Horrorr Supression

Type: Bakudo

Number: 95

Element: Misc.

Incantation: "From protection comes restraint, tame, leash!"

Shinigami are the only ones capable of this Kido. In generally, it brings forth a leash, a very long one, with one swing... It identifies its target, and quickly engages around its neck. From there, the Shinigami must tug tightly, thus restraining the opponnent. However, this doesn't work against other Shinigami, only other beings. One chain per one Shinigami... And, the Shinigami must keep hold of the leash, so it's more of a support tactic used for an ally against a stronger opponnent. Once restrained, the vicitm cannot release any Spiritual Power, or Spiritual Pressure thus staying in place. If the one who uses the leash, loses balance from the leash itself, or gets out of range for the leash to grasp itsa vicitim (Which is roughly 50ft.) then the vicitm also breaks free. But, losing balance and concentration is very difficult to do, unless there are more then 1 opponnents around. It's ranked 95, because it works accurately against any single opponnent.


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Re: Bakudo: Horror Suppression

Post by Lifeless on Fri Jun 05, 2009 2:36 pm

I like your description and this looks very interesting.


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