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    Bakudo: Sucubi

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    Bakudo: Sucubi

    Post by Guest on Sun May 31, 2009 8:22 pm

    Name: Sucubi

    Type: Bakudo

    Number: 91

    Element: Dark

    Incantation: "Parasites of Daikonran's domain, feed!"

    Description: Senryaku grabs hold of one arm, with the other arm, and opens the palm of the arm being held... This then releases small, demonic spiritual entities, which quickly get attracted by souls within a 50ft circumference, they then spread out almost instantly, usually in larger numbers, and phase into souls, thus feeding off them, thus draining the souls rapidly of their Spiritual Power. They normally get released in larger numbers then there are souls, and those that don't leech into a soul simply die out. The drawback of this is... Those souls must be within the 50ft circumference of the area. A major drawback to this, is that 1 Entity per 1 Soul. Also, they drain others Spiritual Power calmly, but reach you very quickly. The amount of entities enabling Senryaku to be released are only the amount first released from his palm in that thread.

    Appearance of Sucubi:
    Take note, they are very small, and when they speed up, almost invisible to catch movement.

    I wasn't quite sure whether this would be destructive of binding, but, I thought of it for a bit, and placed it more under binding, since it temporarily cancels out the opponnents Spiritual Flow throughout the body, or absorbs it.


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    Re: Bakudo: Sucubi

    Post by Hao on Sun May 31, 2009 9:15 pm

    I approve.

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