Bleach: Legacy of the Soul

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Bleach: Legacy of the Soul

Post by echo on Fri Jan 28, 2011 10:22 pm

For thousands of years, as far back as history can remember, there has constantly been a war waging beyond the realm of the living - a war between the masked beasts known as Hollow and the self-proclaimed protectors known as Shinigami. Though their battles have been numerous and many, no end has ever been found to the ongoing struggle - only a rise in the death toll. However, while the battle rages on, things are changing drastically.

The Hollow are no longer disadvantaged by disorganization and independence - someone has begun rallying the Hollow together and, through methods of tearing off their white masks, granted them new powers to fight the Shinigami. Transformed into Arrancar, Hollow who have gained Shinigami powers, they are now led by a group of seven who wish to see the downfall of Shinigami.

All the same, the Shinigami also face a threat from an enemy long forgotten - possessing a similar power to the Arrancar, these beings are Shinigami who have gained Hollow powers through donning a white mask, becoming Vaizard. These Vaizard, once prisoners of the Maggot's Nest, now seek chaos and destruction and seek to tear down the Gotei 13's authority.

These events have not gone unnoticed however. The Humans are slowly gaining spiritual powers and in recent times many have appeared with incredible powers matching the Shinigami and Hollows in power. These Humans, seeking to drive off those who would wage war in their world, have declared themselves the enemy of the spirits. The war is now a battle royale of various great powers and whoever comes out on top is entirely up to chance. This is the legacy of bloodshed. This is the Legacy of the Soul.

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