Hirato's Bankai.

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Hirato's Bankai.

Post by Rutger on Thu Dec 09, 2010 12:22 am

Was told to get this approved before I finish my bankai training topic, so here it is. Didn't really know where to post it, so I hope this is alright.

Bankai Information
Bankai Name: Seikatsu Ryuu Doku

Bankai Description:
Hirato’s bankai manifests the humanoid forms of Ryuu Doku’s poisons. It does this by creating a vaguely human-looking thing for each poison. Each of these have the same stats (cannot say what they are as of now) as Hirato’s base stats (no shikai bonus… ect.) Their arm swords have the same durability as Hirato’s unreleased Zanpaktou. These creatures are the living forms of Hirato’s poisons, and therefore there is one for Shibre Doku, Gensoku Doku, and Hīringu Doku. Each of these creatures have the ability to merge with anything they come in contact to, much like a reverse absorption. Whatever they are inside instantly has the full effects of their respective poison. In order to merge with a target, they break themselves down and forcibly enter through the targets skin or Zanpaktou. Hirato keeps Hīringu Doku within himself to receive the positive benefits of the poisons. These manifestations are like limbs to Hirato and are very easily controlled. If they are killed they can be revived with a cost of 10% of Hirato's reitsu. They are fairly durable, comparable to a new captain.

Furthermore, the clawlike weapons of Ryuu Doku’s shikai turn into bioorganic claws. These claws will regenerate if broken, making them hard to get rid of. These clawas are another manifestation of one of Ryuu Doku’s poisons, and therefore have the ability to merge with anybody the come in contact with. When they merge with a target, Hirato looses all his bankai stat bonuses as well as the claws. The other manifestations however remain.

Bankai Looks:

The manifestations are silver in color and roughly 6’2”. They have a claw-like right hand and their entire left arm is a giant blade. The blade curves inward. Towards the back of the blade, it is semi hollow, being held together by tones of strands of the virus. There is a hook towards the back, which is used to rip or grab onto things. The creatures themselves appear to be almost metallic, and have very spiky features. Their legs flair out at the kneecaps. The chest is mostly flat, however has a strange design that varies depending on how the poison materialized itself. One thing that never changes is three holes that are next to each other where the heart of a human would be. They are placed in a triangular fashion. The face is emotionless and cold, just a round surface with two holes to simulate eyes. When merging with a target they break down into a black and red substance that then quickly enters the target.

Hirato’s arms become surrounded by a mass of small tendrils that wrap around and around each other. A few tendrils stick out looking like spikes flaring out of the back of his arms. His hands become significantly bigger and from the tips of his fingers emerge long silver claws. This is all a manifestation of a virus and therefore is moving constantly.

Techniques: Changes to shikai abilities in dark red.

Technique Name: Shibire Doku
Technique Type: Poison
Degree of difficulty: Shikai/bankai
Description: The poison within the left blade hinders ones nervous system, causing them to slowly become very lethargic and clumsy. It takes six doses (the amount stored in 12 blades, four direct hits) for the full effects to occur. At one dose it slows movement, shunpo and reaction speed by 5%. Two doses slow movement, shunpo and reaction speed by 10%. Each additional dose adds another 5% to the amount slowed. This caps at six doeses where the total amount slowed is 30% While under the full effects of this poison, the subject starts to loose control of their motor skills and cannot write, talk or draw effectively. When in Bankai Shibre doku slows the targets movement speed by 35%. Due to a large loss of motor skills, zanjutsu is also hindered by 15% (only if infected by merging with its manifestation)

Technique Name: Gensoku Doku
Technique Type: Poison
Degree of difficulty: Shikai
Description: Gensoku Doku is the poison contained in Ryuu Doku’s right claw. It is a very fast acting poison with a delay. It takes a very tiny amount for the effects to start. After contracting the poison (even a small cut from the right claw is enough) the user will notice nothing. This poison has such a delay that poison will remain dormant for 2 posts. After that amount of time (that the poison has sufficiently spread to the brain) the poison will activate, impairing the subject’s senses. The infected will now have a slight (a second or so) delay on everything it sees, feels, hears, smells or senses. This throws them off in combat, giving Hirato a big advantage. This effect is does not last forever as after four posts the enemies brain will adapt, nullifying the effects. When in Bankai there is no waiting period and it does last forever. Furthermore the delay is upped to around 3.5 seconds, completely throwing off the victim (only if infected by merging with its manifestation)

Technique Name: Hīringu Doku.
Technique Type: Poison
Release: Shikai
Description: Hīringu Doku is an unorthodox poison used by Hirato to bolster his immune system. As soon as Ryu Doku is released Hirato contracts this poison. Hīringu Doku is essentially a passive ability that cures most, if not all poisons and diseases that Hirato contracts. Hirato can use this technique on others through contact with the handle portion of his Zanpacktou, however he usually forgets to unless reminded. When used on anybody but Hirato, the poison will wear off in three posts (due to a lack of contact with Ryu Doku).

Hīringu Doku, once inside Hirato, attacks all foreign or threatening entities inside of his bloodstream. Hīringu Doku forms a small wall around any virus or poison, segregating and stopping it from spreading. Hīringu Doku will then slowly break down the poison and have it completely removed in 1-3 posts (depending on the strength.) Hirato does not feel the effects of this poison during this period of time. If the poison is uncurable, Hīringu Doku will encapsulate (completely segregate it) it, and move it up to the throat. After this (the next post), Hirato will throw up, expelling the strong poison from his body.

The downside to this technique is that while it is activated, Hirato cannot be healed by kido, or any other spiritual means. When in Bankai the thown up poisons or viruses form into a manifestation. This manifestation is controlled by Hirato and has 75% of the stats of a normal manifestation. This can also merge with a target, allowing Hirato to use his opponent’s poisons against him. These creatures look exactly like the other poisons, but are much smaller, around 5'5"(only if the target has the manifestation of this poison within him) Furthermore, when in bankai, Hirato can administer small doses of this poison (only if the manifestation is within him) to others. This will usually be enough to remove one poison from the target over the period of two turns.

Technique Name: Yokusei Doku
Technique Type: Poison
Release: Bankai
Description: This is the poison within Hirato’s claws. Yokusei Doku once inside a target targets the points where it releases its reitsu. It suppresses all flow of reitsu, strongly hindering his opponents abilities. It prevents Bankai from being released, the casting of all kido over level 45 and abilities such as shunko. Furthermore aarancar cannot release unless they have espada level reitsu and does not allow the use of any techniques that require more reitsu then a kido of level 45 or above. When an espada releases, all of his abilities are weakened to the damage of a level 45 kido unless the ability was lower then that to begin with, including ceros.

Hirato has not mastered his Bankai yet, and therefore has not learned this technique as of now. This will be his ultimate bankai technique, so judge it accordingly.

Technique Name: Ground spike
Technique Type: Zanjustu
Release: Bankai
Description: Hirato thrusts his claws into the ground. He then feeds reitsu into the poison that makes up his claws. This causes them to grow exponentially underground and spike upwards at a location of Hirato’s choice. Hirato uses this to strike from range while in his bankai.
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