Natsu Dragneel(Finished)

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Natsu Dragneel(Finished)

Post by Natsu on Mon Feb 15, 2010 9:33 pm

Basic Information

Name: Natsu Dragneel

Age: Appearance: 18 Actual: 553

Gender: male

Division: 5th

Seat: lieutenant


Personality: Natsu has a carefree and reckless nature and, despite his constant brawls with the other members of the guild, is a fiercely loyal and protective friend. He seems to like to rival certain people in his village, who hold strength. He feels that the will produce a good fight. He also befriends rather quickly too. As a simple-minded person, he thinks things through in a straightforward manner that can get to the crux of the problem fairly efficiently and can aid him, usually accidentally. Even when faced with obvious or previous hostility, he rarely holds a grudge or negative feelings towards an enemy - usually seeing the good in them.

He suffers from motion sickness from all modes of transportation, including trains, boats, and carriages. It is to the degree that he can get sick from even looking at a mode of transport or thinking about it. Natsu's motion sickness even goes as far as him getting sick from anyone carrying him causing many people to wonder if he considers them vehicles. The only time he does not feel this sickness, if he is flying. He also tries to constantly prove his strength to others. If he is beaten he will think of nothing, than to beat the person. He thinks of this as getting revenge. Drac also seems to be very stubborn, never admitting defeat.





Zanpakuto Information

Zanpakuto Name: Drac

Zanpakuto Looks:

Zanpakuto Description: Natsu's Zanpakuto's abilities revolve around the usage of fire that can spout from any part of his body, and gives him immunity to any type of flame and allows him to spew fire from his lungs. This fire is exceptionally strong. It is able to even burn through metal(That does not have spiritual pressure). The type of fire can be changed, for example, it can be solidified to cling to surfaces. It also appears to give him immunity to cold temperature. He can consume his respective element with the exception of that he is created (he can't eat his own fire) and he is endowed with a much more powerful sense of smell than that of a normal Shinigami. The strength and heat of his fire can increase in temperature relative to Natsu's emotional state. Each time fire is used, it Takes 2 stamina

Released Zanpakuto Description:
Dragon Force: A stupendously powerful state of Natsu's Zanpakuto, where his strength and speed increase a tenfold and dragon scales form on his face. Fire produces over the entire body. The user ignites his entire body on fire to charge at his opponent to launch them high into the air. The user can also use the fire to shoot out at opponents. Some Elemental attacks will not affect the user while in this state. This does not harm the user. A Dragon like aura will form around the user. The dragon will be made of the main element the user, uses. Takes 8 stamina

Fire Dragon's Roar (Karyū no Hōkō): Natsu breathes fire at his opponents which transforms in a large fireball. Takes 3 stamina Kido level 50
Fire Dragon's Claw (Karyuu no Kakitsume): Natsu ignites his feet on fire to increase the power of his kicks. Takes 3 stamina Kido level 45
Fire Dragon's Iron Fist (Karyū no Tekken): Natsu engulfs his fist in flames to strike his opponent, causing increased damage. Takes 3 stamina Kido level 50
Fire Dragon's Wing Attack (Karyū no Yokugeki): Natsu takes hold of his opponent and ignites his hands on fire as support to throw them. Takes 3 stamina Kido level 50
Fire Dragon's Gleaming Flame (Karyū no Kōen): Igniting both of his hands on fire, Natsu simultaneously strikes his opponent. Takes 3 stamina Kido level 50
Fire Dragon's Flame Elbow (Karyū no Enchū): Lighting the tip of his elbow on fire, Natsu can boost the speed of his punch tremendously. Takes 3 stamina Kido level 55
Fire Dragon's Crushing Fang (Karyū no Saiga): With his hand ignited he gouges his hand into his enemy and quickly swipes away. Takes 4 stamina Kido level 60
Flame Lotus: Fire Dragon's Fist (Guren:Karyuu no Ken): Lighting his hands on fire, Natsu will rapidly punch his opponent with his fists. Each punch causes a fiery explosion. Takes 5 stamina Kido level 70

Zanpakuto Release Phrase: "Nakama"

Released Zanpakuto Looks:

Zanpakuto Spirit:

Zanpakuto Realm: Desert

Bankai Information

Bankai Description: Natsu's Bankai gives him the scales of a dragon, this meaning he has a very high defense while using his bankai. is entire body looks like that of a dragon, but he remains somewhat of a human form. He grows many things, that give him the upper hand in battle. He can use his wings to make him faster, and his attacks stronger. He can also flap them fast enough to weaken attacks that come at him, and others around him. Most attacks, lover than 75 kido level, are weakened by half while in this state. Anything higher than that, is only weakened slightly. Also while in this state, his fire attacks are much stronger, but each attack cost two extra stamina points to use.

Bankai Looks:


History and RP Sample

Human Arc:
Many years ago, a boy was born, by the name of Natsu Dragneel. The boy was born to a loving mother and father, but however, the soon went missing. It seemed they had been killed in some freak accident, where Natsu was not involved in. Natsu was left to fend for himself, with the help of the orphanage. He lived in the orphanage for quite sometime, but he did not enjoy it there. And was also about this time, were Natsu began seeing strange things happening in his life. He had a slightly high spiritual pressure for his age, which caused him to be a target of something evil. This caused Natsu to run from his home at the orphanage, to fend for himself. He was still very young, but he did not wish to harm the others for his sake.

He knew that he could not fight these beings, because he had tried once before and barely escaped with his life. He knew that he had to fine some way of getting away from these horrid monsters, and also not cause anyone harm at the same time. He could not find anyone to help him, and thus he lost all hope in ever having the strength to beat one, or even go near a human being. He had to build himself a home and live alone, and he was still very young at the time. He found himself in the woods the most of his life.

About the age of fifteen, Natsu had found that the attacks had stopped, and he know felt save to go into the human world and make some friends. After a few months, he began school and found himself a girl. He seemed to love this woman to the death, and he really did. This was the first time Natsu had been attacked in years, and it would be his last. The monster had attacked him, and his girl, and Natsu had to put up a fight. He bought his girl some time, but this was at the cost of his life. This may have been the end of his life, but it was surely not the end of Natsu Dragneel.

Ghost Arc:
Natsu had died and soon left his body, and then separated from his chain of fate, after the hollow had consumed his body. Now, the Hollow was after his soul and Natsu could not let this happen. He had to make sure his love was safe from harm. He soon found out that he was not much different from a normal human, while dead, besides the fact that normal humans could not see him. He thought things would get tougher for him, but this was not the case. He was soon saved by a by a man in what seemed like black and white robes. Natsu could tell this man was strong and a matter of fact, he was not human. Just him being there, seemed to kill the hollow. Natsu was shocked at how much power one person could posses, and to think, Natsu thought what he was running from, had amazing power. He knew he was just getting into a new world. He thought dying was the worst thing that could happen to him, but it seemed it was one of the best things. He sighed and looked up the the man.

Natsu noticed that he was about to take his sword out and strike him. However, this was not the case, and instead he was hit on the head, with the hilt of the sword. Natsu had no idea what was going on, but after a few second a light circled around him, and he soon sunk down into a hole. Natsu was not scared, and it seemed he had passed onto the new world. He had a whole new life ahead of him, and he might be able to meet his parents, which made him happy. He would have to wait for his love to die, which he did not want for her. He knew that he was going to be happy in this world. He even know had dreams of meeting the man that had saved him, and maybe even becoming one.

It seemed at this time, Natsu was unaware of what the man was, that had saved him. However, he was lucky to find out that some of the people in this new area he had arrived at, knew what the man was, and who he was. They told him, that he something called a Shinigami, and was one of the strongest in the whole Gotei 13. At the time, Natsu did not know anything about what they people were talking about, but he also found out he could become on too. This was his new goal in his new life, to become a Shinigami.

Shinigami Academy Arc:
This was probably one of the hardest times for Natsu, because he had a lot to learn and a lot of training to do. He was not very skilled in the art of swordsmanship, until very late into the academy. He was more of a person to use Kido if he could. He was acutally one of the best Kido users in the academy, once they began on the real training. Natsu was happy that he was becoming a Shinigami, and time had passed by so fast, that he did not realize that it had been a few years, while in the academy.

After the sixth year in the academy, it was time for Natsu to take the exam to become a real life Shinigami. He was excited for this and for that, he began to become nervous, and this lead to him failing the first exam. He went through the classes again, and it only took him about three years, because he had already been through this stuff once before. He then took the exam once more and this time, it was passed, because he was not as nervous this time, and knew everything. He now had to be had to wait to be put into one of the many Divisions.

Shinigami Arc
Natsu was put in the 5th Division of the Gotei 13. He was at the lowest ranking of his Division as soon as he started, but this would quickly change in the next few years, and later after a few more hundred years. It took him about ten or so years to learn his Shikai, and then he proved to be much more powerful, giving him the rank to become a seated officer in the division. He still had a lot of training to do, before he become a great Shinigami.

Hundreds of years later, the Vice captain of the 5th Division had died. Natsu had gotten strong enough to take over. His has still not obtained his bankai, but it seems he is rather close to that stage with his Zanpakuto. Natsu has become the Vice captain of his Division, and is ready to fight for his Division and become as strong as he can. He was then sent away from a while, and did not come back from some time. He did not change at all, but something seemed slightly different about him. He is still the Vice captain of the 5th Division today.

RP Sample:
From a land that was thought to not existence, something that had been sleeping for such a long time, had awoken. Nothing different was felt, meaning that no one knew about this oncoming threat. However, this would not last forever, seeing as this being wanted to show himself once again. Although this beings plans were the same, as before, this being was going to do things much different. Instead of doing these things with a few others or alone, he was going to try and get a whole group of others, so that he could take out, what needed to be taken out. Soon, something opened above where the humans lived, however, there was not many humans who could see this something. Soon, two man appeared below the opening. They seemed rather normal, but however, they were far from it.

Out of the two men, one held a sword, and seemed to be the leader of the two. The other shirtless man, just seemed to follow him, licking his lips, every so often. They seemed to be searching something, but no one around them knew what they wanted. They also seemed to be hiding something, and this would define who they were. They did not seem strong, if one could feel their spiritual power, but they still seemed like a threat. The two men, were Genkou, who held the sword and Gray, whom was shirtless. Genkou had something about him, that Gray did not. If someone were to look into Genkou eyes, they would see something, something evil.

Genkou soon had found the thing he had been looking for. He could feel a small gathering of somewhat powerful beings. He could also tell the race, one being a human, a bount, and the other a quincy. As soon as he realized a quincy was around, his sword began to go crazy, as if it had something inside of it. Genkou soon, glared at it, and it seem to stop moving on it's own. People around Genkou took noticed, and ran. Genkou merely laughed, as he had pity for the human race. He soon arrived, to see the qunicy outside of a building. He smiled and soon arrived above the quincy.

Genkou laughed, the most human way he could, but however, behind his laugh was a slight demonic tone. He then signaled for Gray to come with him, and meet the three men that stood in this house, today. Gray arrived behind the quincy and inside of laughing, he merely sighed and looked away. "Allow me to introduce myself." Genkou said to the quincy as soon as Gray arrived with them. "My name is Sannam, and that man over there is Gray." He had used his human name, because he had been dead for some time, and no one would remember a human from thousands of years ago.

He smiled at the boy, and jumped down to meet him at the face. At this moment and time, Genkou's power matched that of a normal human, so on one around him, would even think about him being a threat. "I see you are looking at someone, quincy." Despite the fact that he seemed weak, it was odd that he knew how the seemingly human looking man, was in fact a quincy. He peered inside the building and smiled. "It seems we have a stronger human on our hands and oh, what is that." Genkou paused and laughed, a bit noticing the other person. "We have a bount on our hands as well." Genkou soon arrived inside the building, without warning and smiled at them.

It seemed the two had been meeting for some time. Genkou could use them both, if he really needed to, but he did not like the idea of having to deal with the bount leader, if though he knew he could handle himself. "Ah, you two are so very young." He spoke out, talking about the two of them, when in fact he did not look much older than two himself. He began to look over at his sword and then stood up and walked over to the Bount. "I will be taking the boy from here. You are welcome to Join me, but do not get in my way." He then turned to Gray and nodded. Gray smiled and began to speak to the quincy. "Quincy, come with me, and we shall become a very strong force. Do not worry about this bount, he shall cause no harm, to anyone." Gray smiled and jumped off thing building.

The two still seemed very weak, as their power did not reach the level of the human, that was probably the weakest of of the three that had first arrived. But somehow they felt they would take charge of the matter at hand, and declare themselves, the leader, of a group that almost seemed to force people to join. It was likely that the three would get angry over this, or at least the bount would. After Gray had left, it seemed Genkou would have to fight for himself, and he doubted anyone around him, would think he could hold his own. However, he merely stood there, smiling, while holding his sword in his right hand.

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Re: Natsu Dragneel(Finished)

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Re: Natsu Dragneel(Finished)

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Re: Natsu Dragneel(Finished)

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Re: Natsu Dragneel(Finished)

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