Kuro Hazama

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Kuro Hazama

Post by ddugger on Mon Feb 15, 2010 2:29 am

Name: Kuro Hazama

Appeared Age: 17 Actual Age: 142

Gender: Male

Division: 11th

Seat: 5th

Kuro has green highlights. He wairs a the same thing in the Human world and the soul society. He doesnt have the traditional Soul Reaper Robe. He has a Black hoodie with white fuzzy hood. He wears black and white checkered skinny jeans. He has green eyes. He has his lip piercing. He wairs fingerless black gloves.

Personallity: Kuro is very shy and always happy. People say they remind him of a nicer Gin. He hates it when people call him that. He loves to fight. He also has a very bad temper. When he is mad you have to stay queit. He has a record of 200 hollows killed in a day. Now he slacks to keep that record. When he does try to beat his record he gets lazy. He is very lazy. He showers but doesnt really change. In the human world he is not very popular. He gets picked on because he has green highlights.


Strength: 17

Speed: 20

Accuracy: 12


Zanpakuto Name: Deska

Zanpakuto Looks:

Zanpakuto Description: None un-released

Released Zanpakuto Description: Deska Increases Kuro's kido power.

Zanpakuto Release Phrase: Deska's true form, Bat Blade!

Released Zanpakuto Look:

Zanpakuto Spirit:

True Form:


Bankai Description: Deska gives Kuro a boost in Strength,and Speed

Bankai Looks: The bat sword stays the same but another blade comes out of the bottom of the handle, making it double sided.


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Re: Kuro Hazama

Post by Koujetsu Hanagayu on Mon Feb 15, 2010 10:10 am

Put a [WIP] in the title if it isnt finished.

Remove Bankai. You are a 5th seat. More detail on released Zanpaktou description.

Under the stats section, under the stats themselves, put in your shikai bonuses.

Strength: X Amount
Shikai: X Amount

That applies for all 4 stats. Shikai only gives an extra 10 stats though.

Please change your Accuracy to Dexterity. If that wasnt in the Template, I will change that later.

Also, bold the appropriate sections. The Templates have a code at the bottom for copying and pasting with appropriate bolding and size codings already implemented. Istory and RP sample, of course.

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