Leon Salviador(Advanced Human)

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Leon Salviador(Advanced Human)

Post by Leon Salivador on Fri Feb 12, 2010 11:27 pm

Basic Information

Name: Leon Salviador

Age: 14

Gender: Male

Grade: Only went to the first few weeks of Kindergarden.(ran away from home)


Rank: Advanced Human

Human Special Ability Information

Name: Rai Ayatsuri

Description: Rai Ayatsuri is an ability that focuses on Lightning Manipulation. Leon can take the static particles from around him and make them into bolts of lightning.


Techniques Infomation

Name: Particle Blast

Description: Leon takes the static particles from the air around him and makes a ball of lightning roughly the size of a basketball. He then throws it at the enemy and if it its, it will shock them for a few seconds before stopping. The down side to this attack is that if Leon is hit while the ball of lightning is in the air, it will break his concentration and the ball will turn to nothing, returning to the simple particles it had been. (uses 1 stamina point per use)

Name: Chain Lightning

Description: Leon shoots a bolt of lightning from the palm of his hand using the particles in the air. As the bolt nears the enemy, if there is more than one, he will concentrate and make the lightning branch out, striking more than one foes at once. Again, if his concentration is broken, the bolts of lightning will just disperse. (uses 2 stamina points per use)

Name: Shockwave

Description: Leon jumps up in the air above his opponents head and charges up the lightning around him. Once the lightning is fully charged, he kicks down with all of his strength and strikes the ground, sending a blast of lightning right at his opponent. One way to dodge or stop this attack is to knock Leon out of the air before he has the chance to charge up all the lightning. (uses 2 stamina points per use)

(Depending on your rank, please distribute the amount of stats that you receive within the four options)


Speed: 20

Accuracy: 20

Stamina: 20

History and RP Sample


First Few Years of Life

Leon was born into a poor Hispanic family who lived on the outskirts of Karakura Town. During his first five years living there, his father taught him how to box and also how to handle himself in a real street fight. This turned out to be a bad idea because on Leon's first day at school, he got into a fight with one of the other kids in his class and broke his nose. He was suspended for a week and put on his punishment by his parents. His father then told him to only use his abilities at fighting while not at school.

A few days after the once week suspension, the young boy went back to the school and started working very hard to not get into any trouble at all. Everything went smoothly for a few weeks until one day he was walking home and the same boy who he fought last time came up to him in a alley, trying to start a fight with him. Leon tried to listen to wat his father had said and just keep walking but the other five year old boy pushed him on the ground and punched him in the mouth. All the anger inside of Leon boiled to the surface and the air around him started shimmering. Lightning appeared on his hands and he lashed out, striking the other boy right between the eyes.

Blood surrounded the two figures of the boys in the alley. Leon sat cradling his head in his hands while looking through the cracks at the dead body of the other young boy. Tears streamed down his face and he pulled his head away from his hands, looking at the blood that had dried up on them. Something had happened while he was fighting the other boy. His hands had lit up with lightning and when he had hit the other boy, he had died. Leon jumped to his feet and took off out of the alley, heading for an old warehouse that he saw in passing when he and his father went on trips.

Breaking the Chains

Over the next few years Leon moved from abandoned warehouse to abadoned houses and churches and anywhere else he could sleep for a few months and then move on. Soon after he killed the boy a few years back the cops had went in search of the murderer. When he hadn't returned home that day his parents had called and filed a runaway report, stateing that he hadn't come hom and they needed someone to find him. The cops put two and two together and figured out that Leon had murdered the boy. Because of that he had been on the run for the past nin years.

Over those years Leon had learned to control his ability and was soon trying it out on cows in fields and chickens in their pens. Not many people had spotted him and those that didn't just passed him off as some bum who lived out in the country. One day while Leon was sitting out in front of the abandoned cottage he was staying in, a strong wave of pressure washed over him. His head snapped up and he looked around for what was causing it. What he saw took his breathe away. A huge monster with a hole in the middle of its chest stood about a hundred yards out in front of him, glaring and making a weird snarling noise. Leon jumped up as the creature started running towards him and charged up his lightning. As the creature got closer he unleashed his Particle Blast and caught it right in the mask, shattering it. The creature screamed and died, causing him to wonder what the hell had happened.

Over the next few days he spent all his time training his lightning attacks and then he went back into Karakura Town since the searches for him had stopped. Now he searches for an answer to what happened out in that field. He hopes to find someone in the town who can tell him what that thing was and why it attacked him.

RP Sample: The bright moon sat high in the sky to the east, behind Nonko's back. White sand flew up in little patches with every step he took, creating little dust clouds that trailed him. The wind was starting to pick up, meaning a storm wasn't far off. His white hair blew in the wind, making a small wave across the back of his head. On his hip hung his Zanpaktou, Ikazuchi Zetsumei. His hand rested uncaringly on it's hilt, his eyes scanning the horizon.

A dune rose up before him, cutting his line of sight off. The sound of his feet moving through the sand preceded him, letting anything that might be ahead know he was coming. He was hiding his spiratual pressure, that way he didn't draw any attention to himself. Around him were trees made of different types of stone, something that didn't appeal to Nonko. He missed the beautiful way the trees moved back in the World of the Living. It was over due for him to make another visit there, one of the reasons he needed a mission soon.

In the distance, he could see the beginning of a storm. Nonko sighed, it was going to be a bad one. He looked around, scanning the barren landscape for some where to take cover for a while. His eyes crossed over a cave off in the distance. He started off for it at a brisk walk, trying to make it there before the storm. The storm wouldn't harm him, but it annoyed him. Some Espada might not mind it, but not him.

A few minutes later he made it to the mouth of the cave. He walke in, taking off his shirt and laying down on the rock. The cool rock felt good against his sweating back, causing him to shudder with comfort. Soon he was asleep, drifting into uneasy dreams of the life he had before he died.

(sample from my other char)

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Re: Leon Salviador(Advanced Human)

Post by Koujetsu Hanagayu on Fri Feb 12, 2010 11:32 pm

Fix the codings.

Accuracy is now dexterity. (read rules on that)

I would personally make stamina higher, as we now require stamina drains on techniques.

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Re: Leon Salviador(Advanced Human)

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Re: Leon Salviador(Advanced Human)

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