Kira Issui - [6th Espada]

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Kira Issui - [6th Espada]

Post by Mirage on Thu Feb 11, 2010 5:11 am

Basic Information

Name: Kira Issui

Age: 1500

Gender: Female

Rank: Espada

Number: 6


Hollow Hole: Just below the belly and partially covered by her pants.

Mask Fragment: On her head like a headband that continues down like hair jewelry. Can be seen in image.

Number Tattoo: Center of back, between the shoulders.

Personality: Compared to her fellow Espada, who are usually arrogant, boastful, impulsive, battle-hungry, bloodthirsty, and egotistical, Kira is composed, receptive, analytical, and prefers not to engage in combat; she is content on silently observing both parties until the fighting reaches its conclusion, and actually fights only when she is challenged and attacked by an opponent or commanded to fight by her superiors. However, Kira often shows her reluctancy to listen to the orders of her younger brother Yaguri Issui.

Weapon Information

Weapon Name: Tentacion - (Temptation)

Weapon Looks: Kira's Zanpakutou has long blade with enough luster to act as a mirror. The sheath is garnished with a soft pink silk and ends with a ring attached to the hilt.

Weapon Description: With every swing of her blade, the sword releases tiny crystal fragments. These shards are even capable of shredding skin equivalent to that of the Espada. This can be utilized in both close and long distanced attacks. While swinging the blade at a further distance, the shards can be aimed at the enemy and will be released towards them as a pink cloud of dust. However, in close ranged fighting, this can be even more deadly. Even should the enemy block her sword with their own, the tiny shards will still be released, allowing her to shred her enemies even if they block.

Resurrecion Release Phrase: "Betray..."

Resurrecion Information

Name: Traición - (Betrayal)

Represent: Crane

Family: Crystal

Looks: Once in released state, Kira will hold her blade out in front of herself. The sword will disperse into thousands of shards of crystal that will swirl around her in the form of a tornado. The crystal will then grow to the size of a large sky scraper. As the pillar shatters, Kira will appear almost the same. In this form, Kira is able to form crystal out of any liquid/moisture and can completely control and manipulate the crystal any way she wants. The amount of crystal she has doubles every post due to the crystals forming from the moisture in the air. Along with this, Kira is able to produce even more crystal due to the fact that the shards crystalize any liquid that they touch. As they move through the air like torrents of waves, it gives the appearance of glitter flowing swiftly along with the wind. While Kira can control the shards with her mind alone, using her hands allows her to do so more effectively, making the blades increase in speed +20. After the 5th post, it requires 1 Stamina point each post after that.


Name: Garganta
State: Both
Description: This is how arrancar move to and from Hueco Mundo. Kaname Tosen and Kisuke Urahara have also demonstrated the ability to use the technique. It literally tears open the dimensional fabric separating the worlds, revealing a tunnel of whirling, torrential energy that must be focused and solidified to create a discernible pathway.

Name: Hierro
State: Both
Description: This refers to the hardened skin of the Arrancar, which is a result of their compressed spiritual power. While their skin is strong enough to block even released Zanpakuto bare-handed, it is by no means impenetrable. Stronger Arrancar have proportionally stronger skin.

Name: Pesquisa
State: Both
Description: This is the arrancar equivalent of the Shinigami ability to sense Spiritual Pressure. It functions similar to a sonar. Using pesquisa requires most Espada to enter a meditative state or use some others have a trigger unique to the user. Unlike most Espada, Kira's Pesquisa is heightened; able to sense Spiritual Pressure at all times.

Name: Sonido
State: Both
Description: A very quick movement performed by Arranacar that allows them to move at high speeds for brief periods of time.

Name: Olor - (Aroma)
State: Both
Description: By first blowing a kiss, Kira will form thousands of microscopic crystal shards that appear as a large, pink cloud of glitter that covers the field. When breathed in, the crystals will slice the enemy from the inside-out, causing internal bleeding. Should the enemy try to move quickly through the cloud with their eyes open, the shards will scratch the retina and cause blindness and immense pain. While she may be immune to the crystals, they can still be blown away from her targets with wind based techniques and requires a .5 Stamina usage.

Name: Espejismo - (Mirage)
State: Both
Description: Even outside of battle, this technique can be seen. Kira's reflection has a mind of it's own. While Kira may be doing something, the reflection may be doing something different. As such, Kira's reflection may attack an enemy in a different location than the real Kira. The real technique relies in this fact; Whatever Kira's reflection does to her enemy's reflection happens in real life. By moving their body so that their reflection blocks Kira's reflection's attack, it can fight and fend of her reflection. However, if there are no reflections or the enemy is positioned so that they cast no reflection in a surface, this technique is useless.

(Depending on your rank, please distribute the amount of stats that you receive within the four options)

Strength: 10
  • Resurrecion: 10

Speed: 25
  • Resurrecion: 45

Dexterity: 30
  • Resurrecion: 30

Stamina: 30
  • Resurrecion: 30

History and RP Sample

History: (your characters history, describe your life as a human, as a hollow, and your reincarnation into an arrancer/espada, please see the below for a brief guide on the evolution of a hollow-

Human > Hollow: Living her life in a rather poor environment, she lived with her parents and her two younger siblings. Falling in love at a young age, she gave everything she had to her boyfriend. When he proposed, she instantly said yes. But as the day came closer to when they would be wed, he started to act strangely. Coming home later each night, she soon discovered that he had been cheating on her with one of her best friends. Confronting him, a fight broke out among the two. Starting as words shouting back and forth, it ended in the saddest of ways. Unable to control his temper, the man struck her across the face causing her to fall backwards. As her head struck the nightstand, her warm blood colored her white gown red.

Hollow > Gillian: The man was found guilty for murder and was instantly sentenced to death. Feeling as if he was being watched, he never slept until his final day. As he was slowly injected with the lethal liquid, something in the far corner could be seen. The fangs and claws of her hollow form ripped his soul from his body before the chain had been broken, causing his body to flail. The spectators watched in horror thinking that the lethal injection had caused him pain before death. Among those people was the woman whom he had slept with.

She carried a high level of spiritual energy, causing Kira to lunge for her body. She devoured her soul leaving both of them dead within five minutes of each other. The doctors said that the woman had died of a heart attack after seeing her lover die and would now join him in heaven. While they would be together, heaven was not in their future.

Kira continued to feed upon other souls until they became a giant mess of spirits and grew into a Menos Grande. In this form, it remained a mindless being until a few yesrs later when Kira had gained control of the rest of the souls within her.

Gillian > Adjuchas: As she kept eating other hollows, she developed a complete consciousness and transformed into an Adjuchas. In this form, she resembled a white harpy. Her beauty continued to shine through in which often gave her an advantage over other Hollow. Those that looked down on her as a woman fell victim to their own stupidity. Life as an Adjuchas was rather lonely. Taking most of her time to the skies, she grew secluded and developed a secondary consciousness that bore no name.

Adjuchas > Vasto Lorde/Arrancar: Continuing to feast, she slowly gained a humanoid form, while retaining her hollow mask and hole. As she tranformed into an Vasto Lorde, her two separate consciouses split in the strangest of ways. However, due to the terrain in which they lived, it remained a secret to everyone. As the years went by, Kira continued to grow stronger. A weaker of the many Vasto Lordes, she began traveling with another known as Genkou. A rather rouge and vigorous being, he reminded her of the man she once loved. Perhaps this was the reason that she stayed with him.

As time went on, Kira continued to grow infatuated with Genkou to the point where she could not stand to be apart from him. However, she kept her emotions to herself as to never let him know of her true desires. But even that could not last. Genkou, seeming exactly as the man Kira had first fell in love with, her mind told her to run. The man she had first loved had been everything that she had wanted but slowly changed. In fear of Genkou changing and breaking her heart, Kira disappeared one night and was never seen or heard from again.

Arrancar > Espada: upon leaving Genkou, Kira learned of her brother's existence as an Arrancar. Seeking him out, he took her to see a man by the name of Sousuke. In exchange for her service as the 6th Espada, he would remove the burden that she held within her soul. He could erase her memory in the process of turning her into an Arrancar. With tears streaming down her cheeks, Kira agreed in order to never be hurt again. Leaving only the memory of her brother Yaguri, Sousuke did just that.

Kira had lost all of her memories including her first love and Genkou. Her aspect of death was known as Deception; representing the way in which she first died... deceived by her love and heart.

RP Sample:
Her mother's death was a curious thing to her. After hearing the words escaped Riku's lips, Rain was emotionless. Her heart wanted to weep, yet her eyes would not work. Most of the emotions within her mind were shock. Who had the power to kill her? These were troubling matters, yet she could not stay focused on anything. Her mind wandered into her past and relived her life, growing up on her mother's right side. Never receiving affection or love, she could not help but be confused. Was she cruel for not weeping for her mother? Had she fallen into the hole that she had so desperately tried to stay from? As her mind went back further into her past, she could find no recollection of any feeling other than admiration for her mother. She remembered the many nights crying for her mother to love her. Yet as she begged, pleaded and worked for some comfort, the woman looked at her and only saw the man that broke her heart within the eyes of the young girl. Rain remained as if she had not heard him for the rest of the night, like nothing had happened.

That night, Rain let her hand drift off the side of the boat and looked down into the water. The cool liquid seemed to wash away the layers of repression and revealed a single loving memory; her only one.

Rain, dressed in an all white kimono, was sitting and watching her mother do her hair in the mirror. Her long locks of blond hair had been one of her favorite qualities that she wished she had. Rain looked down at her own dark hair and began to cry. Irritated by the noise, Amai turned to her daughter and cleared her throat while motioning for her to come over.

"Women must be strong. Cry for no one, else you will be seen as a weak little girl."

Through the sobs and sniffles, Rain replied to her mother's harsh words. "I am not pretty like you... I don't have the same hair, same nose, or mouth. We are nothing alike..."

Placing her daughter on her lap, she allowed Rain to look into the mirror. Along with her own reflection of a watery eyed girl, a smiling woman that she did not recognize was also looking back. It was that likness that made Rain smile that night and feel the first and only bit of love... "We have the same eyes."

Looking down at the water, small drops of water dripped form her chin as salty tears leaked from her eyes; her mother's eyes. She wept for the love that she would never feel, the hand that she could never touch and the mother she never had. How long had she worked to create a woman that her mother would be proud of? Was it all for nothing? Was life meant to be worked for and then stripped away without a seconds glance? Who was he to take away everything her life had been lived for? What demon killed Rain the day he killed her mother? Rain opened her once fluorescent blue eyes to reveal two spheres of silver staring into the watery depths. From her eyes shed the last tear... a silver tear. This man would pay...

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Re: Kira Issui - [6th Espada]

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Re: Kira Issui - [6th Espada]

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Re: Kira Issui - [6th Espada]

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