All I Ever Wanted (PRIVATE DARK)

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All I Ever Wanted (PRIVATE DARK)

Post by Kengen on Mon Feb 01, 2010 3:40 pm

Kengen approached the warehouse standing at a random place in the city of Karakura town. He had to look inconspicuous, because this in fact, was a secret place, no one knew where it was, or what the inside of it held. The vast secret of darkness that lay with in. What was kept behind these doors as well as the people who called i their home, were as dark as it could be. Humans elevating their soul power past the normal bounds, and entering a realm that was unnatural, even to a shinigami. It went past supernatural, and into the lands of chaos. It was a place that he was only to willing to go, if it meant that in the end, his goals could maybe, just maybe, be made a reality.

Quickly looking each way, he made sure that no one was looking before ducking into the door and closing it shut behind him. He made sure to lock it. These were private matters, and what was going to go on here today was best not seen by any prying eyes from anyone of any race. Kengen had just recently joined with this faction, and so did not yet hold their sacred power and their unholy methods of obtaining said power. Today was the day that would no longer become a problem or an obstacle. He was going to forgo any and all chains of limitation and shed a new light upon his soul, as well as settle the raging storm that was trying to rule his head. It was unavoidable. Even if he hadnt wanted it. However, he did want it. Power had coming knocking at his door, trying to overcome him, well he was going to open the door, and take control of the opposing force.

Suddenly the force shook him and he almost dropped to his knee as the right one began to buckle form the sudden mental onslaught. A voice entered his head, calm and cold. It was very blunt and intelligent, and worst of all, it did not hold the trace crackings of a lunatic. This was an entity that knew what it was doing and not doing it solely for chaos's sake. It was an entity that had a purpose, and so, would be an even harder one to defeat.

You mean to change my influence over you into something you can harness and use at your own will. It was a statement, not a question. We shall see. The few short words echoed inside his head as if it were a dark cavern with rocky walls perfect for projecting sound around the room. He could see again, and he was still standing, but what had just happened made him doubt what was happening here today. The enemy, the opposition, was prepared for him, and it knew all of his own strengths and weaknesses, even though it was something else altogether. It was a dark thing, and it was not to be underestimated. This was going to take every last ounce of energy, skill, determination, and will power he had. It was likely to take his life. There was only one thing to do.

Gin.........I am Ready

He called out in a voice strong in confident contrarty to the very sliver of doubt that had been instilled in his heart just now. He was a confident man, and knew he was strong, but every man, every sane man, feared and respected the unknown.

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Re: All I Ever Wanted (PRIVATE DARK)

Post by Sumiyaka on Sat Feb 06, 2010 11:12 am

The warehouse was silent a few moments earlier. The darkness in here concealed figures of a person, who stood among the many metal beams going through the walls, and connecting walls, and the other floors of this secret base. At the top of the large warehouse, where the ceiling began to slope, and formed a triangle, sitting on one of the large metal, beams was Sumiyaka. He sat on a wide, metal bridge which connected a floor of the large building to the wall. There were a few boxes sitting around, and even an old chair, where a young man sat. He sat near the orange painted window, and the light shined against the back of his head, illuminating his long, brown hair, and his clothing, which included a black shirt, and some samurai-like armor. His face, and the front of his body, however, was concealed in the shadows, only his eyes glowing in the dark, looking down at the man who had just entered the building.

His body was lurched forward, and his left elbow sat on the armrest of the chair, holding up his head. His legs were spread out, and his right arm was bent and laying on the other armrest. His Zanpakutou was stuck to him using a large, belt like sash, and the sheathed sword stuck out between the armrest and the cushion of the chair. Even as he stood still, he was fighting the influence inside of him. Always subconsciously, everyday he fought a war inside of his own mental realm, trying to hold back the Hollow conscious inside of him. But, today the Hollow was even more excited. Sumiyaka could even physically feel it. Inside of his head, there was some kind of presence that was trying to gain authority over his body, and push Sumiyaka into the back of his conscience, like Sumiyaka was trying to do to the Hollow right now. It was finally the day: it was time for Vaizard training. His Hollow had ruined his life in Rukongai, and in the Soul Society.

Sumiyaka watched as the fellow, future-Vaizard walked inside of the warehouse, the gleaming light outside bursting in, and then being locked out once again when he closed the doors. Even Sumiyaka could feel the spiritual pressure of this man weighing against him. He was a Captain-level being, and Sumiyaka was only a former Lieutenant. Who knows what was about to unfold here. Sumiyaka heard the man call out to Gin, the leader of the Vaizards. Sumiyaka could feel the reiatsu of his inner hollow already leaking. He was like a pack of war dogs at bay, barking and tugging at the chains that held it back. How long could his strength keep them at the back of his soul before they were let loose?

Sumiyaka stood up in his old chair, the legs creaking and rustling as he got up. The chair's cushions were green, with teal and white flower patterns stitched into it. Using a Flash Step, Sumiyaka disappeared in a flash, his body becoming a mirage, and it quickly deteriorated. Sumiyaka appeared below, his armor shaking a little as he landed on the ground, dust being kicked up when he reached the foundation of the warehouse. He stood there, his Hollow's reiatsu getting stronger. Both himself and his Hollow knew what was going to happen. It was time to put his Hollow back into its place. He waited for Gin to arrive, so that this process may begin.

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Re: All I Ever Wanted (PRIVATE DARK)

Post by xXLightxDarkXx on Mon Feb 15, 2010 5:23 pm

WiP; I posted to keep it from dying because of Firefox's random crash episodes. Third try and last time I'm gonna lose this thing...


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Re: All I Ever Wanted (PRIVATE DARK)

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