Kinshin (Complete)

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Kinshin (Complete)

Post by Kinshin on Wed Jan 13, 2010 11:37 pm

Basic Information

Name: Kinshin

Age: Appeared: 20 Actual: 140

Gender: Male

Division: 4th

Seat: Third Seat


Personality: Normally, Kinshin is a very outgoing person, one who sticks inside a persons mind the instant they meet. Calm, cool, and collected, he is very centered and down to earth, taking constructive cristism seriously and trying to improve himself at all times.

However, this does not mean he is without an ego. He is good at what he does, and he knows it. This has given him a cocky attitude over the time he has been a shinigami, but he tries not to let the cockiness and pride ge in the way of his work or his training.

He has a very kind side also, often visiting the Rukongai district where he grew up to help the elderly and sick and visit, catching up on old times. The ability to do this allows for him to have a very relaxed attitude in and out of the Division, and especially in fights. The relaxed attitude allows Kinshin to anticipate some of his opponents moves in fights based upon their body actions and movement, which is extremely easy as he is a member of the 4th Division.

(Depending on your rank, please distribute the amount of stats that you receive within the four options)

Strength: 15
Shikai: 20

Speed: 25

Dexterity: 20

Stamina: 25
Shikai: 30

Zanpakuto Information

Zanpakuto Name: Negai

Zanpakuto Looks:

Zanpakuto Description: None Until released.

Released Zanpakuto Description: Negai is a very unique sword, the Zanpaktou spirit in it having 3 faces, and thus 3 personalities. Each personality can be called out as the new Zanpaktou at any given time, and thus there are three release phrases, each phrase having a seperate ability associated with it.

Negai Ai: Desire Love. This is the most basic and easily used of Kinshin's skills, the healing aspect. The combined reiatsu of the Zanpaktou Spirit Ai, and Kinshin cause the poison coated blade to act as a healing element, allowing the ability to heal his wounds or his allies wounds. Each heal takes a bit of his stamina, and the severity of the wound determines how much stmina is wasted on healing and the post length that needs to pass before the wound is healed. The person being healed will be unconcious for the next post should the wound be fatal or possibly life threatening, due to a rapid depletion of their own energy to help heal them, making this a very unstable technique to use in mid fight. Small scratches, etc only cause a slight case of dizziness, and that is easily shaken away.

Negai Itami: Desire Pain. This is the second of Kinshins available skills, one that fully utilizes the poison covering the released blade. When this poison comes in contact with the opponents skin, a slight burning sensation is initially felt, something akin of holding your hand over a candle for too long. Following the electrical impulses that the Human body cannot live without, the poison first finds its way to the nerve centers before it begins working. Starting from the point at which the poison hit, that nerve center will be the first affected. The poison then begins to spread to every nerve center in the body, setting up the pain receptors as it does so. The first post it will feel just like a slight muscle pull in that general area, graduallly getting worse as the posts go on. By the 3rd posts, the respected limb will ache and be semi functional, while by the 4th post, that limb will not be able to function at all.

The 2nd post after being infected, the limb either above or below, depending on the infected area, will begin to suffer the same effects. By the 3rd posts, a third limb, and by the 5th post, the 4th limb will be affected by the poison. By the 6th post, the torso of the opponent will begin to constrict, making breathing difficult, and causing the opponent to lose 2 stamina a post. By the 10th post, if the fight is not over, or an antidote not yet distributed, the opponent will die.

Negai Koumyou: Desire Hope. This is the third, and most difficult of Kinshins abilities, utilizing the poison in a defensive manner. The poison covering the Zanpaktou dissipates into a mist, and a mask covers Kinshins face, preventing him from breathing in the mist. Once inhaled, the mist will do two things. One is to begin to affect the judgement portion of the brain, making the opponent feel extremely drunk and misjudge their attacks and distance. This takes place immediately. The second affect comes in the second post this shikai is active, beginning to cause paralysis and nmbing on the opponents body. By the time the 2nd post has ended, the opponent is left with a numb limb, unable to function due to the opponent not being able to feel it. This form however takes 2 stamina per post it is active, making it very detrimental to Kinshin's reiatsu to keep active for long. The 3rd, 4th, and 5th posts all affect the rest on the limbs, normally in a clock wise manner and starting with the opponents right arm.

Zanpakuto Release Phrase: See above for the three release phrases.

Released Zanpakuto Looks:

Negai Itami:

Negai Ai:

Negai Koumyou:

Zanpakuto Spirit:

Zanpakuto Realm:

History and RP Sample


Kinshin died at a very young age, before he could actually remember growing up as a normal human. This has cause all of his memories of his childhood to be of the Rukongai district and the tall tales of Soul Society, instead of the modern day would of the humans. When he was being taught this, he quickly began to read up on what the real world was like, as to not have missed out. However, he was sorely disappointed. The library held much information yes, but none of it was up to date. So he spent hs days imagining, and training to become a hsinigami in secret, as it was the only way he might get to see the real world.

This continued for many years, until a group of ruffians decided to try and rough up the district he lived in. Unable to stand by and watch, Kinshin challenged, and beat the group of ruffians before the Shinigami sent to the district could reach them. Upon arrival, Kinshin was taken into custody and transported to Seireitei, where he was quickly placed into an academy class.

From that point on, Kinshin absorbd everything he was taught like a sponge, excelling at Kido and swordmanship alike. This brought on much envy from his fellow classmates. He quickly advanced through the classes, and graduated two years early, a feat in itself but by no means a record. From there he was placed into the 3rd Division as an unranked officer. Kinshin had vowed to himself that he would make rank as quickly as possible.

However, fate had another plan for Kinshin, as soon after he was placed an insteresting fact about his Zanpaktou was found, causing him to be shifted to the 4th Division, due to his new found powers. He was in noway pleased with this, but as he was ranked up nearly instantly to third seat due to his ability to attack, defend, and heal nearly all at once, he was considered a battle medic, and thus appointed a higher position.

RP Sample:

Yahimano stared, slightly in awe, as he watched the Captain release his Bankai. He hadnt even begun to commune with his Zanpaktou yet, before time froze. grinning slightly, Yahimano called out the numbers, fully aware of what he wanted for this training. After all, strength and speed were useless if you had not the energy to them, right?

"Three... Ten.. One," Yahimano called out, slightly distorted. Grumbling under his breath, he realized that his water armor was still up, causing the distortion. He quickly turned that off, the water dispersing into the air immediately. No sense in wasting energy keeping that running at the moment.

With that, Yahimano threw his mind in a neat little spiral, and ended up standing on water, literally. His mindscape was a giant ocean, extending on for miles and miles. The sun rose and set, multiple times while he was there, the fluctuating caused by his deepest emotions, the ones that he had yet to encompass and understand. The sights, despite knowing their meaning and possible danger, were still a beauty to behold. He sighed and started walking across the water, just accepting it as a natural fact of life.

He walked for a time, five minutes, 5 hours, he couldnt tell. The sun rose and set faster and sower depending on where he walked, and he soon could tell which direction he should head based off of thaat. Faster meant the right direction, as he was nervous about meeting his spirit deep down inside, scared, and frightened. It was an unrational feeling, but it was still there. The subconcious knew no rational, so Yahimano had learned.

A spout of water in the distance pulled Yahi from his thoughts, and he shuddered slightly realizing that he was here, and it was time to conquer yet another emotion. He approached the spout of water, and prepared himself yet again.

The water armor that Yahimano has dispelled regenerated again, flickering between thicknesses. He groaned slightly and stood up, the amount of concentration he needed currently to stay within his Zanpaktou realm and still focus on the Captain in front of him was giving Yahimano a slight headache. That and his spiritual pressure was freaking out, the pules causing his body to vibrate slightly and become heavier and lighter.

One thing was for sure. If he survived this, Yahi was going to become a very sick man by the end of the training.

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Re: Kinshin (Complete)

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Zanpaktou, approved.

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Re: Kinshin (Complete)

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Re: Kinshin (Complete)

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