Update - Kojizu Minzare (#1 Espada) ; Delete Other App Pleashe. :D

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Update - Kojizu Minzare (#1 Espada) ; Delete Other App Pleashe. :D

Post by Kojizu Minzare on Sat Dec 19, 2009 8:20 pm

Basic Information

Name: Kojizu Minzare

Age: 364

Gender: Male

Rank: Espada

Number: #1


Personality: Kojizu is careful, quiet and a silent killer. Much like a snake in his released form, he kills quickly, not lowering himself to play with his food. He doesn't care much for friends, as he has learn over the past hundred years that they hurt you more than they are worth. He trusts very little a person, and only rarely converses in a conversation. Although he is an Espada, he cares for the little ones. Too many a time has he unleashed his Ressurection and killed innocent people, trying to protect them from harmful enemies. Sometimes, in a strict situation where the enemy is too strong, he protects his outer scales and builds up Cero in his stomach, then, when the enemy is least expecting it, he shoots it out and kills them, as he has precise aim.

Weapon Information

Weapon Name: Inzaraka

Weapon Looks:

Weapon Description: Inzaraka, being The blade of Holy Light, has some resewmblence to the power of gods. The wings on the side represent flight; along with airborn power and sharp, rigid attacks. And the sharp, dangerous sprouts off the middle side of the blade show the resemblance of his released state. The top part which looks not as powerful as it can be, proves to be next-to-indestructable. The whole blade is made from Materite, the most sturdy and powerful material on the face of Las Noches.

Released Weapon Description: In his released state; Inzaraka’s rigid shape and sides turn more pointy, and leaking with venom (mainly because he’s a snake? Razz). If the venom is brought in contact with a body, it can be both harmful and helpful. Kojizu can control the venom to revive his comrades in battle, or he can make it venomous to kill people. The venom does not act instantly, of course. The venom takes anywhere from half an hour to three hours to begin killing. After it begins to kill the person from the inside out, the person has just over 3 days to live. The only cure is Kojizu’s blood.

Weapon Release Phrase: “Bring thy strength to bite thy enemies! VENOM – INZARAKA!”

Weapon Spirit: Snake

Weapon Realm: Forest

Resurrecion Information

Name: Nuregami

Represent: Snake

Family: Holy/Light

Looks: In his released resurrection state, Kojizu's skin turns ghost white, his ears curl over likes miniature wings and his eyes turn reddish-black in colours. His body goes stretchy and scaly, and his accuracy is increased minimally. His skin gets reddish-pink strokes that fade in and out depending on his mood. He is incredibly fast in his resurrection state, which fits equally with his lack of speed and stamina. On his forehead, as small, tattoo like symbol of the snake family resurrection fades and glows red and green. Green being happy, red being angry.


Name: Cero Oblivion.
State: Both.
Description: Cero Oblivion is a purple Cero, used only by the top five members of the Arrancar Five in their released form. This cero compares to the Cero Oscurus in power. It covers any exposed light into pitch darkness. The Cero Oblivion's range is vast, and its attack power is great. The Cero Oblivion is far greater than a average Cero. It is stated that Cero Oblivion's blast range is slightly larger than Cero Oscuras, meaning it is able to damage more enemies.

Name: Cero Circunferencia (lit Cicumference Zero).
State: Both.
Description: Cero Circunferencia is a Cero that radiates outward, blasting everything within a radius. The distance it travels can be controlled, but it takes an immense amount of energy to use. Blasting a large area more than once or twice can kill the user.

Name: Cero Double.
State: Both.
Description: Cero Doble (重奏虚閃 (セロ・ドーブル), sero doburu; Spanish for "Double Zero" Japanese for "Instrumental Duet Hollow Flash"), by swallowing his opponent's Cero and returning it back to the user along with his own cero.

Name: Cero Sincrético.
State: Both.
Description: Cero Sincrético (融合虚閃, セロ・シンクレティコ, sero shinkuretiko; Japanese for "united hollow flash", Spanish for "synchronized zero") is a variation performed by Dondochakka Bilstin and Pesche Guatiche. This attack was first seen being used against Szayel Aporro Granz.[3] In the anime version, Pesche and Dondochakka are shown gathering several separate ceros and fusing them into a swirling ball. Although it does not work on him, Szayel-Aporro admits that it is a "marvelous technique"[4], and that if they had used it at the beginning of the battle (before he had time to analyze their reiatsu) he would have been defeated. However, it does seem to greatly drain Pesche and Dondochakka---both are panting and on the point of collapse after performing it.

Name: Sonido.
State: Normal/Resurrecion.
Description: A very quick movement performed by Arranacar that allows them to move at high speeds for brief periods of time.

Name: Garganta.
State: Both.
Description: This is how arrancer move to and from Hueco Mundo. Kaname Tosen and Kisuke Urahara have also demonstrated the ability to use the technique. It literally tears open the dimensional fabric separating the worlds, revealing a tunnel of whirling, torrential energy that must be focused and solidified to create a discernible pathway.

Name: Hierro.
State: Both.
Description: This refers to the hardened skin of the Arrancar, which is a result of their compressed spiritual power. While their skin is strong enough to block even released Zanpakuto bare-handed, it is by no means impenetrable. Stronger Arrancar have proportionally stronger skin. Nnoitra Jiruga claimed his Hierro is toughest amongst the Espada; being of higher rank than Nnoitra, Ulquiorra's Hierro appears to be much tougher.

Name: Pesquisa.
State: Both.
Description: This is the arrancar equivalent of the Shinigami ability to sense Spiritual Pressure. It functions similar to a sonar. Using pesquisa requires most Espada to enter a meditative state. Indan does this by twitching his attanae which are Reiatsu sensitive.

(Depending on your rank, please distribute the amount of stats that you receive within the four options)
Strength: Normal: 17
- Resurrection: 26

Speed: Normal: 23
- Resurrection: 32

Accuracy: Normal: 28
- Resurrection: 36

Stamina: Normal: 18
- Resurrection: 27

History and RP Sample

History: Human Arc:
Kojizu was an average human being. Good at school, good at home, good at taking care of things on his own, or so he thought. He was above the average in accuracy and speed, which granted him to be above average in Sports. One day, he came home from school, greeted his parents and went to the park to practice his kicking. He left almost instantly with his football and was 3 Miles (Kilometres in Australian) away from the park. Kojizu departed. He waved goodbye to his parents as a human being for the last time.

His human life is a sad one. Kojizu was a simple, young, average age of thirteen young boy when he’d died. At 3:53PM, a Hollow attacked the City he lived in, and as he got to the park, there were extremely large burrowed footprints in the ground. They were just as visible as the heavy breathing sound was. He turned, facing the Hollow in fright and broke in tears. He picked himself up, and went to run; he barely got three metres before the Hollow picked him up. And within a little squeeze, Kojizu’s spine, neck, ribs and hip was broken. His lungs were punctured and he was swallowed by darkness. The mask came over his face, his body was changed, and his skin was incredibly thick and dark.

Hollow Arc:
His hollow form was almost unstoppable. He was angry, confused, disfigured and hungry. He was extremely hungry for human souls, and that was what he got. Wherever he attacked, it was no where near the city he used to live in. He attacked everywhere around the globe but there. Tens of Shinigami were sent out to kill him and send his soul to the Soul Society, but none prevailed. Everytime a new Shinigami was killed; the captain of the Second Division was displeased. He didn’t want to bug and bother the First Division’s captain, so he sent out himself to kill Kojizu. After packing, he set out and tracked the Hollow Kojizu everywhere.

After around 3 years of searching and tracking, the captain finally found him. They engaged in battle, and it was an intense one at that. Over time, both Kojizu and the Captain got weary, fatigued and tired. The battle had gone on for hours, but they weren’t keeping tracked. Kojizu wanted the Captain dead, and the Captain wanted him dead. Finally, the captain used his Bankai and finished it. Kojizu laid there, almost dead on the floor.
He lost his hollow powers and half his mask to go with his defeat.

Reincarnation Arc:
Kojizu laid there, almost dead until his body felt shivering cold and magma hot at the same time. He tried to stand, to prevail. He looked up to the sky, and smiled, then down to his body and his eyes went bugged. He was alive, and he couldn’t believe it. Though he knew not that he was no longer a Human Being, but instead, he was an Arrancer.
He didn’t know what to do, so he began fighting. He’d finally figured it out, he was not human, he was not hollow. He was something far above that. He saw fit to fight through the ranks of the Arrancer. He did that, and learnt new things over that period of time. He knew how to point out that he was an Espada, the huge, gaping, circular hole in where his heart was easy enough to show he was no longer alive, nor was he human. No, far from it now.

He learnt techniques, training, gained companions, did as the Lead Espada had told him to. Through that, he gained up ranks. He struggled against the #3th Espada. They’re fight was intense. Both had released they’re Resurrection Form. It was Kojizu’s first time, so he knew not how to control it at first. Over time, he gained control of it. The techniques, the training, the battles, the experience in combat, he learnt them over this main fight. At first, when he’d just became an Espada, he was almost like a flapjack fighter, throwing in this and that to do anything and do what he needed to win. This one fight with the #3th Strongest Espada taught him that he didn’t need to throw anything in to win, he needed to think clearly, leave his mind wide open, and focus. He did that, and became fourth strongest Espada after defeating the opponent. His next opponent was the third.

The third strongest Espada… It was almost like nothing had happened. His first attempt ended in failure, but he was not giving up. Over time and lots, and I mean LOTS, of training, he challenged the Third Espada to a Ranking Spar. He knew it was going to be harder than the Fourth, but wasn’t going to give in to his nervousness. He stood valiantly, ready for his fight, he knew it was going to be a hard one.

The fight was by far his hardest and most struggled. His resurrection state had to be used, and so did the thirds. He kept himself from giving up, he was going to go until one of them died, and that was what he did. Kojizu delivered the final blow by screaming out a Cero Double technique. It punctured his head, obliterating his brain, leaving him with nothing. Kojizu got up from on the ground, and shook his hand for the last time. Kojizu turned, although it was the first time he’d ever met him, he felt like he’d just lost his best friend. It was painful; he had to turn to not make him cry. Most Espada don’t have emotions like he does. He walked away as the Espada was left to die on his battlefield. It was the most respectful thing he could have done without crying. Leaving an Espada to die in a battle field is a sign of respect.

He was now, and will always be, an Espada of Power.

RP Sample:
This RP Sample is from Narutor.onegoo.us

Minoichi himself had no idea what was happening. It was an early day, he had just woken up. He saw fit to wear black today, it was unearthly color. Covering his depressing thoughts, they lifted to see clouds of gray. Rain. Blood. Blood was instantly filling his mind at this time, and he knew not of why. Maybe his brother Inaraka had cut his hand when making the homemade meals, he didn't know.

Minoichi was no perfect person, infact, more far from it than usual. Although death was hard to him, it was nothing that really inflicted on his body... Not did he know, though, that his girlfriend was sitting by a puddle, sobbing over the death of a family member. He never knew what she was doing there, and, to tell the truth, he didn't even know she was there. This day was just like a telepathic dream to him, and it felt like hell.

3 Years Before.
Grief. Pain. Sorrow. Tranquility and Death.
This story of life to Minoichi is but a dream, and not a nightmare.
This story of how Minoichi's family died is a deathly story.

His mother lay there, dead on the floor. Tears streaming from his eyes like party blowers. In his apartment, he looked to his father. Saddened, he saw the tears on his face. This happened at 3AM in the morning, so his father ordered him back to bed immediately. He did as he was told, but only after an hour of sinful crying and disorderly death. He hugged his mother the final goodnight he could give her, then his father. He knew not that this was the last time he hugged his father also.

8AM in the morning, Minoichi woke up to blood leaking through the door. He shrieked, panicked, and then opened the door. His mother was gone, taken by the ambulance. His father laid there still. He whispered to himself. "Papa...?" He knew he was dead. The silence of the wind swayed at him. He screamed into the wind. "Papaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" He screamed and dropped on the floor, hugging him and wishing he was still there. He looked at his wrists, cut, neck, cut, forehead, bullet hole. He cried for 3 hours, until finally, he ran out of tears. His way of venting was crying, he then called the ambulance. They picked his father up and gave Minoichi a prognosis, "He committed suicide" He said as the 9 year old Minoichi dropped once again to the floor. He was a genin none-the-less, which meant he could stick up for himself. The Kage gave him no where to stay, and almost cried during the saying that Minoichi had 2 days to find a place to live, or else, he was kicked out of the village.

2 Days passed and no one wanted to adopt him into their house. Not family, their house, doesn't sound hard, right? He eventually got to the village gate, meeting nothing but his uncle, Saruno, and the wind. 6 Days later, he was living happily in the abandoned home his S Rank Uncle left in the top left corner of Konohagakure.


Minoichi replayed those moments of shear displeasure. His wanderings set off to the temple of a god, puddle nearby. Kimiko sit there, driftly sobbing and crying over the loss of her mother. Minoichi walked up, sat down, and hugged her into his chest. "We'll... We'll be alright.. Kimiko" He began crying, sharing her pain with his and keeping his pain to himself, not to make her cry further.

The only thing that kept Minoichi going from committing suicide to see his mother and father, was this girl and Saruno. This girl, Kimiko, reminded him so much of his far off distant mother, and that was his depressing thought. It was clearly lifted as he smiled with tears. "Mother... You sent down my angel... My dear life is in this girl now... Kimiko is your way of saying... Your still there... Thank You... Mother" Swaying in the breeze, he kissed Kimiko on the forehead and hugged her tightly.
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Re: Update - Kojizu Minzare (#1 Espada) ; Delete Other App Pleashe. :D

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Update approved.

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