Dridder Tashikou

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Dridder Tashikou

Post by Kyouichi on Mon Dec 14, 2009 5:17 pm

OOC:I had this gear approved by Kou, but its approved and I have to reapply for it i think, the only think i want to change is can I be able to use this thing again, but have a 6 post cooldown before i'm able to use it again and i can only use it twice in one topic?

Creator: Unknown, but it was certain that the glove was made by elder Quincy's from a long time ago

Used By: Kyouichi Utsume

Name: Dridder's Tashikou

Rank: Rank 5 Quincy

Current Spritual Pressure: 115

Type: Weapon / Equipment

Description: The Dridder's Tashikou are a black metalic looking dark boots that were a special add on to the Sanrei glove used for quincy's, they allow the user to inferface with sound waves by collecting reishi by vacuuming and compressing air into peircing shock wave underneath their feet,vibrating quickly and solifing the sound of each step into a surface which can allow them to either fly and stand in the air mimicing how some soul reaper use platform manipulation to stand on an invisible surface in the air and on water. It was originally made to help a Quincy have a little advantage in battle against faster and close range opponents, giving them the ability to fight in close courter combat.

Its offenisve ability other than suppling strength in their legs giving a stronger force and speed for their kicks is charge up and fire a sticky spider like web that's made out of reishi that wan immobolize the opponent if caught with it and producing small sound wave's that do little damage against the opponent, but become stronger and more dangerouse for how ever long the opponent is tied up in the web

History:Ever since Kyouichi recieved his Sanrei glove from his Mother that were deemed very special to him before his mother died, this glove was originally supposed to go to his older brother Kyo, but Kyo left before they were able to go to him, in which they were given to Kyouichi as nexted in line. Kyouichi despreatly trained himself with his glove, trying to find diffrent ways of using and calling upon the power's of the Quincy's Final form without taking off the glove and activating it and losing his quincy power's and having to go through the hard and troublesome path to regain his power's, and expreimenting on what the gloves hidden abilites and capabilites were. Kyouichi wanted to be able to recieve power from it to help him against faster and close range fighter's allowing him to fight on pair with them in both close range and speed, Kyouichi knew that this glove was diffrent than other's and knew that the glove could do more than giving them a solified bow and stronger power's, he went to every place he could find looking for information and documents on the hidden abilites the glove had. But one day came when Kyouichi discovered one of the gloves hidden abilities, which was on the day that his father tried to kill him ( which was really his brother Kyo, but Kyouichi had an injury to make him forget it and twist and mess with his memories), he accidently activted them for a breaf few minutes to dogde a barrage of arrows from his father's bow when he wanted to become fast enough to dodge them but what had happen when he used them he moved to fast and couldn't control himself or his speed crashing into a tombstone which lead to him getting hit in the eye and nearlly killing him. As Kyouichi lyed on the ground bleeding as his father came up to finish him off all he could hear and think about was the sound of his footsteps and sound of the rain drops as they hit the ground and how they bounced off of each other and off of objects, they began to form around his feet tighting and collecting in sprit energy underneath his feet, as his father can closer to him, Kyouichi used all his strength and speed and put it into his Flash Step and the boot's to allow him to propell himself forword into headbutting his father in the chest taking him off gaurd and knocking himself out and caused his father to die from the impact. Ever since that event Kyouichi has been practicng on using it, but has reliesed that even after his long training he still can't monover his body right to help him catch up with the speed, at that they are very uncontherouble to wear.

Downside to the Boot's: Even though they give the user faster speed and strenght they still drain energy from it's user and putting large amounts of strain upon the user as to which they can only stay activated or as long as 6 post inwhich they will redray and cause the user insane amounts of pain and suffering to which the user must recover and rest from using them, and waiting to be able to use them again.

Stat bonus: If possible can it give when activatied + 10 to my speed and + 5 to my strenght

Side note: To sum it all up all the boots do is alow me to step and stand in the air by producing sound waves so he can stand in air and allows Kyouichi to move faster because of it's ability to collect and store up energy and procuced sound waves and making it a solid surface, making it so when he kicks off the air he can move faster and stay in the air making so it would seem as if he's flying.

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Re: Dridder Tashikou

Post by Taichou on Mon Dec 14, 2009 5:22 pm

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