Kyo [Level 5 Quincy]

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Kyo [Level 5 Quincy]

Post by Kyo on Thu Oct 29, 2009 11:51 pm

Basic Information

Name: Kyo

Age: 21

Gender: male


Personality: Cold and sinnster.

Rank: 5

Armor/Glove Information

Name: Sanrei glove (black)

Bow Manifestation:

Description: Kyo can take his time and concentrate his shot making the power of the arrow incredibly strong or, shot wildy having less dmg but at incredible speeds. AS well he is the first to have blood red arrows and blood red reitsu not blue.



Name: Shatterd Skys
Description: when fired the reshi arrow comes out as crystalized reishi thats very fragile and can break easiliy if hit or on impact , but when it breaks it turns into mini crystalized glass shards of reshi and flies into or on the enemy

Name: Hirenkyaku:
Description: quincy flash step is a method in which Quincy use to travel quickly over short distances. It is basically the Quincy equivalent to the Shinigami's Shunpo, or the Arrancar's Sonído

Name: Ransōtengai
Description: this is a high level technique that allows the user to control their body parts using strings of spirit energy controlled by their brain, forming lines or strings out of countless spiritrons. By using this technique, the user can control their body as one would a puppet, allowing them to move freely despite paralysis, broken limbs, or any other force that would impede normal movement.

Name: Spiders Web
Description: while using a combination of Ransotengai and Shattered Skies when fireed spirit strings are attached to the the Crystalized reshi and when they break, spirit threads of reishi attached to the broken crystalized reishi fall near or around the enemy as a net to lessen enemy movement

Name: Quincy final form
Description: by removing the sanrei glove it gives the user a tremendous amount of power, but at the price of their powers upon it's completion.


(Depending on your rank, please distribute the amount of stats that you receive within the four options)


Speed: 30

Accuracy: 20

Stamina: 20

History and RP Sample

History: Kyo, already knew of his quincy powers since his whole family were quincy. He learned from his father and he as well taught his own little brother. During the days of his training, Kyo shots his brother in the eye as a form of punishment and left the family for there weakness. As he looked out to the world he continued to train and was in his mind the best he could be. Later he found out that his little brother became a quincy as well and begun the search for his brother. During his search he came across multiple hollows and killed all of them as well as shinigami. He never cared for them as they always drew swords to him first. Knowing this he was left with no choice but to kill them all. Arriving to see that he sees his father, mother ,and little sister dead, Kyo cried and howled to the night. Yelling to the sky Kyo cried and yeld to the the nothingness *I will kill all of you*. Running in the rain with his hood on he searched for the killers and noticed hollows running away and he brought up his bow and shot the arrow at the ankles and when they all fell he shot them cleanly in the head. he turned to hear the sound of claping. An espada walked infront of him.*Its quiete rare to see any quincy here and espically one with ur powers.. Red arrows that is new.* walking around Kyo, he smiled.* Was that ur family that was..* he words were cut short to see that an arrow grazed his cheek. Kyo spoke. *U killed my only connection to this world.* The espada noticed that his eyes seemed lifeless and someone who has nothing to lose. He began to run but was shot in the back. As he collipased Kyo grabbed his neck and broke it. Standing he heard more hollows behind up. Lifting his bow he slowly spoke. *may god DENY u existance* Firing at multiple hollows and repeated attacking. To one it would look like an army of hollows converged on him but he stood his ground and killed them all. When the waves ended he was breathing hard and just stood at the ground thinking what would he do in this world when he has nothing left. Turning fast around he turns and shoots at the last hollow, ending all there lifes. Glaring at the rain he stared and letting the rain cool him off.

Rpsample: Kyo walked across the street and entered a small cafe. Wearing a hood noone noticed him as continued to walk in. When he glanced up he saw shinigami running across. At first he ignored them but as well heard the hollows scream. Slowly standing and walking toward the bathroom he uses shunpo and looks outside where the hollows are. Seeing that the shinigami were fighting already, but were doing a terrible job protecting the people.Aiming his bow on top of the building, kyo whispered. Hollows have no place in this world.His bolod red arrow flew with precision and shot the hollow in the head. He continued his steady shots at the hollows until all them were dead. After they all died the shinigami looked in confusion where did this help come from. Kyo whhipsered again. As well as shinigami.And began shooting at his enemys. Knowticing that at first the 4 of them didnt know what was happening and the 5th dodged his last arrow. Noticing that he was skilled he fired his spider web and catching the shinigami toward the tree. he shoke and tried to escape but couldnt and as Kyo appeared before him he begged for his live. *plz no spare me I did nothing wrong.* Kyo lifted his bow and aimed at the shinigami. Everything you did was wrong.Shooting him in the head the shinigami stayed in the tree for a while until Kyo left leaving the bodies to evaporate. As he turned he noticed that he felt something familar....What could t be he didnt know but it was something familar. As he used his speed he moved to see what it was and when he saw he showed expression finally again and was in shock to see a hollow eating the remains of his family and and espada tapping the hollow. *good boy, full?*Kyo exclamied profondly, * what are you doing!* The espda looked, *ah ur finnaly...* before the espada could finish the hollows body began to disapear as finnaly the espada heard the sound of a quicny arrow being shot. Seeing that the quincy fired already the espada grinned.*my my lets us see how far u progressed* as he began to run Kyo followed him and used shattered skys seeing if anyonf the hits owuld make it and they all did. Seeing the espada fall he stood, and smiled. * U think it was us espada who killed ur parents..Ur wrong.* Lifting the bow to the espada head he fired into the head. As the body evapoerated he only begunto think why did he say that....was it true...?

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Re: Kyo [Level 5 Quincy]

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